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  • (futuristic electronic music)

  • - I've always had that inner fire in me

  • like I gotta prove 'em wrong, you know?

  • That comes from, I think, my hip hop spirit a little bit.

  • I'm not gonna wait for that mic to be passed to me.

  • I have to like grab it.

  • (funky electronic music)

  • My name is Jonathan Park, also known as Dumbfoundead,

  • a rapper based out of Los Angeles, California.

  • I grew up in front of the television, you know.

  • My whole personality is based off of like

  • sitcoms from the 90s, you know?

  • I started having interests in entertainment.

  • It started getting a little discouraging

  • 'cause I wouldn't see anybody on television or films

  • that looked like me.

  • And that's when I started going a little bit more aggressive

  • with everything I do.

  • Yeah, Daddy was a G

  • Granddaddy was a G, too

  • They ain't never bang

  • When I started hopping on stages, when I got a microphone,

  • I wanted to be loud, and I wanted to be heard,

  • and I wanted to be outlandish and say crazy stuff, you know?

  • And that's kind of what built this confidence in me

  • to pursue rap and rap the things that I wanna talk about.

  • You took me as safe

  • The song and music video, Safe, is pretty much my response

  • to the whitewashing of Asians in Hollywood

  • or any minority in the entertainment industry,

  • and I wanted to kind of come at it aggressively on the song

  • that nah, we aren't, you know, the model minority.

  • We have things to say, and you gonna hear a rebuttal

  • if you attack us.

  • ("Safe" by Dumbfoundead)

  • (soft instrumental music)

  • Growing up with a very traditional Korean-American family

  • in the household, being involved in music and arts,

  • that was a rare thing at the time

  • for Asian parents to accept.

  • When they turned on the television and saw no Asians on TV,

  • they were like, there's no money in this

  • You know what I mean?

  • But growing up in Koreatown gave me tons of confidence,

  • confidence of who I am as a person,

  • being a strong Korean-American

  • without feeling like an outsider.

  • And that's a responsibility on its own

  • to take that influence around me

  • and translate it into my art

  • and share these stories of my people all across, you know?

(futuristic electronic music)


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ダムファウンドデッドのマイクを待っていない (Dumbfoundead's Not Waiting for the Mic)

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