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  • - I've had an absolute fascination with sharks

  • since I was a little kid.

  • I knew I wanted to be a marine biologist

  • by the time I was five,

  • and I got to snorkel with my first shark

  • when I was about eight years old,

  • and I was literally hooked on these awesome animals.

  • I'm Jillian Morris, I am a shark conservationist,

  • a shark diver, and an underwater videographer.

  • I've traveled all over the world,

  • and I have to say that Bimini has some of the bluest

  • waters I've ever seen.

  • All different shades, some people joke about

  • the 50 shades of blue in Bimini.

  • The island is really, really small,

  • it's about six miles long,

  • but the world just below the surface

  • is really what's incredible.

  • That blue, crystal clear water is teeming

  • with marine life, and is the reason why we live

  • on this tiny little island.

  • The great hammerhead dive site

  • is about a quarter of a mile offshore.

  • It's a place where in very shallow water,

  • you're able to get in and see these very large sharks

  • up close and personal.

  • It's very rare to actually be able to be in the water

  • with so many of them like we can here in Bimini,

  • especially in crystal clear, shallow water.

  • Unfortunately, sharks get a really bad reputation.

  • They're not man-eating monsters,

  • they're not mindless eating machines.

  • They're actually really intelligent,

  • social, incredible animals.

  • They're also really incredible for the health of our oceans,

  • which all of us rely on every single day.

  • There's something really special about hammerheads.

  • I have been in the water with some very big sharks,

  • including great whites and tiger sharks,

  • but nothing compares to the great hammerhead.

  • The way they move, their power, their grace,

  • they can turn on a dime, and they have those wide-set eyes.

  • They're my favorite animal on the planet,

  • and being able to dive with them as much as we do,

  • I feel really, really lucky.

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Braving the Waters of Bimini with Shark Girl

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