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  • hi everybody and welcome back to top

  • words my name is Alisha and today we're gonna talk about ten words that you can

  • use at the supermarket so let's go basket the first word is basket basket

  • basket is the usually plastic or sometimes metal basket you carry on your

  • arm are you carry with your hand that you put items in at the supermarket in a

  • sentence pick up a basket shopping cart the next expression is shopping cart

  • shopping cart is like a big basket you can push it it's a cart that you use to

  • put your shopping in your items in in a sentence I don't need a shopping cart on

  • sale the next expression is on sale on sale when an item is on sale it means

  • it's at a cheaper price it's at a discount this can be a price discount

  • this can be a percentage discount so for example there are items let's see on

  • sale 30% off or on sale for five dollars for example in a sentence hey maple

  • syrup is on sale but maple syrup the other day that's why that's that

  • examples in this one two four one two four one two four one is a type of

  • bargain a type of discount to two items so if I have two water bottles for

  • example I buy two water bottles for the price of one water bottle so this means

  • I can have two items at the price of just one item so that's what this type

  • of bargain this type of sale means in a sentence there's a two-for-one deal on

  • this ice cream buy one get one free the next expression

  • is buy one get one free buy one get one free actually is the same thing as

  • two-for-one when you think about it so buy one item get one item the same item

  • free in if the FE item is the same item then yes it's it's the same as a

  • two-for-one but you buy one item you get same item or equivalent item for free so

  • you might see a buy one get one free sale in a sentence pasta sauces buy one

  • get one free per pound the next expression is something something per

  • pound or in your country it might be per kilogram or per ounce for example so but

  • the key here is a unit of measurement a unit of weight in this expression so

  • some items in a supermarket you purchase you buy according to how much they weigh

  • according to their weight so if you want to buy cereal for example you can

  • measure like maybe a pound of cereal or a kilogram of cereal and then the amount

  • the weight of the product equals a price so for example if something is $1.00 per

  • pound and you buy 5 pounds of potatoes for example that means it's 5 dollars so

  • this is an expression that shows how much something costs according to weight

  • in a supermarket you also might see a price with a slash mark before the unit

  • of measurement this slash mark is read per something something per pound per

  • kilogram and so on in a sentence potatoes are 3 dollars per pound

  • groceries the next word is groceries groceries you might also hear this in

  • the word grocery store groceries just means food products any food products

  • are groceries or food and maybe you can include everyday life products here too

  • like paper towels I suppose but usually people associate usually people

  • understand groceries to mean food products so that's why we sometimes call

  • supermarkets grocery stores as well in a sentence I need to buy some groceries

  • frozen meals the next expression is frozen meals so frozen meals or maybe a

  • popular a common way to to prepare a meal usually they are found in the

  • freezer section of a supermarket or the freezer section of a grocery store these

  • are meal which are pre-prepared so they are

  • prepared and frozen in a box and you can choose one meal in a box and take it

  • home heat it up in your oven or your microwave we call these frozen meals so

  • it's one meal complete meal in theory in a box and you can eat it later after you

  • heat it up in a sentence I rarely buy frozen meals that's true to check out

  • the next expression is to check out to check out means to pay it means to

  • finish your shopping so to check out we sometimes say let's check out at the

  • register or now actually in a lot of different supermarkets there's a machine

  • called the self checkout self checkout means there's no staff person there's no

  • one helping at the register it's just you and a machine you scan your items

  • pay and finish so that's a self checkout but the verb we use is to check out in a

  • sentence I'm done let's check out to use a coupon the next expression is to use a

  • coupon to use a coupon for pronunciation I say coupon you might hear some people

  • say coupon as well I've heard coupon and coupon I say coupon do you say coupon or

  • complete coupon yeah I prefer coupon you prefer coupon we're gonna go with coupon

  • but you might hear coupon to use a coupon means you have a usually a small

  • piece of paper or maybe these days it's something like I don't know you can get

  • coupons on your phone now yeah coupon gets you a discount you get a discounted

  • price or you get maybe a buy one get one free deal something like that so in a

  • sentence I want to use this coupon please alright that's the end alright so

  • those are 10 words that you can use in the supermarket I hope that those helped

  • you the next time you go shopping for groceries if you liked this video please

  • make sure to give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to our channel if

  • you haven't already also check us out at English class for some more fun

  • stuff thanks very much for watching this episode of top boards and we'll see you

  • again soon bye so to use some exist some of the words we use maybe you have

  • coupon let's see it says potatoes are on sale for one dollar a pound

  • instead of three dollars a pound

hi everybody and welcome back to top


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