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  • >> Productivity and work at a particular time frame.

  • It has to be, who can make us healthier, stronger, mentally healthier,

  • more artistic, more optimistic, more sound, more whole.

  • And you know this is true, because all of the opposite is happening to us.

  • You can see it around us in our young people in particular like where we have

  • record high levels of anxiety and stress.

  • And you can see,

  • people are starting to feel it on really fundamental human levels.

  • If we do not make this happen in 2020, what happens?

  • We get four more years of an out of touch government that does not care

  • of the dysfunction continuing,

  • of our communities continuing to disintegrate and corrode before our eyes.

  • I will not let that happen and we will not let that happen.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> Donald Trump is our president today,

  • because he got at least some of the problems right.

  • He said he was going to make America great again and

  • what did Hillary Clinton say in response?

  • America is already great, remember that?

  • That did not work.

  • We need to acknowledge the depth and severity and

  • reality of the problems, but we need real solutions.

  • What were Donald Trump solutions?

  • He said he's gonna build a wall.

  • He's gonna turn the clock back It's going to bring the new jobs back.

  • We need do the opposite of these things, South Carolina.

  • We have to turn the clock forward.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> We accelerate our economy and

  • society as quickly as possible.

  • We need to evolve and how we think about work and

  • value and I am the ideal candidate for that job,

  • because the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes MATH.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> What

  • does MATH stand for South Carolina?

  • >> Make America think harder.

  • >> Make America think harder, that's right.

  • That is your mission.

  • That is the mission of this campaign.

  • We have to wake up America to the real problem.

  • Let them know it is not immigrants that are causing us to lose our jobs.

  • It's technology and an evolving economy that is pushing more, and

  • more of us to the side.

  • We make Americans think harder.

  • We solve the real problems.

  • We start moving the country not left, not right, but forward and

  • that is what you are going to do.

  • You're going to lead us forward in the days to come.

  • Thank you, South Carolina.

  • Let's make history together.

  • >> [APPLAUSE]


>> Productivity and work at a particular time frame.


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民主党大統領候補のアンドリュー・ヤン氏がロックヒルで集会 (Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang rallies in Rock Hill)

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