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  • Hi, I'm Sunmi

  • Follow me

  • Actually I really like the dress part

  • I like this Miss Dior dress because it's full of flowers

  • I love flowers

  • It's been really a pleasure to me because Dior Beauty

  • has been such a huge inspiration when I am doing my work

  • I wear Miss Dior before I go on a stage

  • Dior for me is sensual, undeniable and classy

  • Christian Dior said, “Make me a perfume that smells of love

  • I perform on the stage and make musics

  • Art is pretty natural to me

  • Perfume is a creation

  • To create a perfume it needs inspiration and consideration

  • just like the other forms of art

  • Taking a nap in the garden

  • Feel the fresh roses in the sun

  • If love had a scent

  • it would be surrounded by roses on the bed

  • Come to Miss Dior exhibition

Hi, I'm Sunmi


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サンミ・フォー・ミス・ディオール - 上海でのラブ・ンローズ展 (Sunmi for Miss Dior - Love N'Roses Exhibition Shanghai)

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