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  • A lot of people like to put soothing potted plants on their desks. 很多人喜歡在桌上擺上一盆療癒身心的小盆栽

  • Looking at these little cute potted plants when you get tired 工作累了看看可愛的小盆栽

  • is really relaxing. 就非常療癒

  • There is a flower district in Gueiren 在歸仁有一個花卉區

  • where you can find all kinds of gardening-related products 聽說在那裡關於園藝的東西通通都有

  • as well as potted plants. 而且還有很多組合盆栽

  • I just can't wait to check it out! 我迫不及待要去逛一逛

  • Let's go! 跟我走吧!

  • I thought the flower district is just like a flower market 我以為花卉區就像是花市一樣

  • where there are a lot of flower stands, 會有一間一間花藝的攤販

  • but it turns out that this place is larger than that. 結果並不是 這裡非常大

  • There are gardening stores all along the street. 這一條街都是園藝店

  • If you're into gardening, this is the exciting place to visit. 喜歡園藝的朋友來到這裡應該會很興奮

  • I like succulent plants a lot! 我非常喜歡多肉植物

  • They are so cute! 你看這個真的好可愛喔!

  • This is a succulent combination. 這是不同的多肉組合在一起

  • But I'm not good at growing plants. 但是我是植物殺手

  • I just don't know how to take care of succulents. 我不太會照顧多肉

  • Let's ask the owner 來這裡可以請教老闆

  • how we can take care of succulents. 多肉要怎麼照顧

  • Each plant has its own characteristics. 每一種植物的特性不同

  • Some needs more day light, 有些需要日照

  • some needs more water, 有些需要水多一點

  • and some needs just a little water. 有些又不能澆太多水

  • Wow! It is really important to know the characteristics 喔!原來就是要認識植物的需求

  • of a plant to take well care of it! 才能把植物照顧好

  • Look at this huge cactus! 你看這裡的仙人掌好大顆

  • It's so cute. 超級可愛的

  • Many cactuses are put into these small pots 我看到的仙人掌多肉都是小盆栽

  • or even mini pots. 甚至是迷你的小盆栽

  • There are many kinds of cactuses here. 這裡的仙人掌品種非常多

  • I'm really excited to see all of these plants! 看到這些植物心情變得很好

  • After walking around the gardening stores here, 我逛一逛這裡的園藝店

  • I found that each of them had their own specialties. 其實各有特色

  • Some of them sell succulents, 有些是以多肉為主

  • others sell orchids, 有些是以蘭花為主

  • potted plants, 有些是以盆栽為主

  • or mainly flowers. 有些是以花卉為主

  • Every store is worth visiting, 我覺得每一家都很好逛

  • and you will find surprises in different stores! 都會發現不同的小驚喜喔

  • For green thumbs, this place is definitely a paradise. 我相信對綠手指來說 這裡就是天堂

  • You can find all kinds of gardening tools and flowers here 因為各種你想要的園藝用品或花卉通通都有

  • as well as a variety of cute container combos. 這裡也有許多可愛的組合盆栽喔

  • It's time to take some decorations back to your office or home! 幫自己的家裡或辦公室佈置一下吧!

  • If you're a fan of gardening, 喜歡園藝的朋友

  • you definitely have to visit the Qijia Flower District in Gueiren! 一定要來歸仁七甲花卉區尋寶喔!

  • We're now here at Gueiren Living Art Center. 這裡是歸仁美學館

  • This place used to be the Gueiren Precinct. 這裡的前身是歸仁分局

  • It's said that the detention room has been preserved up to now. 聽說裡面還保留拘留室的樣貌

  • Let's go check it out! 跟我進去逛一逛吧

  • Oh! I know I'm wrong! Let me go! 喔~我錯了~請你放我出來吧!

  • I don't want to stay here! 我不想待在這裡啊!

  • I'm just kidding! 我開玩笑的!

  • Many tourists come here to get the experience! 很多人來這裡都會假裝一下!

  • In addition to the architecture, 除了參觀這裡的建築

  • the living art center provides lots of courses 美學館也有提供許多課程

  • for those who are interested in learning. 讓大家可以來這裡學習喔

  • It's time for me to recommend some restaurants on my pocket list. 來到歸仁一定要推薦大家我的口袋美食

  • It's afternoon tea time now, 下午點心時間

  • and there is a famous oden restaurant nearby. 美學館附近的黑輪非常有名

  • You should definitely come here and give it a try! 推薦大家一定要來品嚐看看

  • The oden, fish cake, and fried foods 這裡的關東煮 甜不辣 炸物

  • here are really tasty 都非常好吃

  • and inexpensive. 而且也很平價

  • You have to come here early before everything is sold out. 太晚來可能會吃不到喔

  • If you're in Gueiren, come visit the flower district 來歸仁 記得逛一逛花卉區

  • and make sure you take home some potted plants. 帶一些可愛的盆栽回家

  • Also, don't miss out the living art center 也可以參觀美學館

  • as well as the tasty local dishes! 更不要錯過在地美味的小吃喔

A lot of people like to put soothing potted plants on their desks. 很多人喜歡在桌上擺上一盆療癒身心的小盆栽


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