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  • "Let's have a Game Night!" said Aunt Judy. "Yes!" cried Emmy and Harry.

  • First everybody played a board game.

  • Emmy rolled the dice across the board. She moved her piece five spaces.

  • Then Harry took a turn.

  • "I get to move six spaces!" said Harry. Everyone took more turns.

  • Soon Emmy's piece was in the lead.

  • Emmy rolled the dice again. "Ugh," said Emmy.

  • "I have to go back three spaces."

  • Then Harry moved 12 spaces. His piece reached Home first.

  • "I won!" said Harry. "I'm the best!"

  • Emmy frowned. "Be a good sport, Harry," said Mom.

  • Oliver frowned too.

  • "I wanted to win!" Oliver whined. "Be a good sport, Oliver," said Mom.

  • Next they played a guessing game.

  • Aunt Judy stood up and clapped her hands. "Are you at a concert?" asked Harry.

  • Aunt Judy shook her head but didn't say anything.

  • "Are you a seal?" asked Emmy. Aunt Judy nodded silently.

  • "Yay!" said Emmy. "I'm the best!" Harry sighed.

  • "Be a good sport, Emmy," said Mom.

  • Emmy stood up and flapped her arms. "Are you a bird?" asked Mom.

  • Emmy nodded.

  • "I'm the best!" shouted Mom. Dad gave Mom a look.

  • "Be a good sport, honey," he said.

"Let's have a Game Night!" said Aunt Judy. "Yes!" cried Emmy and Harry.


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