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  • Where were you last night?

  • huh?

  • Where were you last night?

  • I was with Adam.

  • that's not what I heard

  • What do you mean?

  • I heard you were at the club grinding up with some girls.

  • What? no.

  • Me and Adam were at a baseball game.

  • Okay. What did you do after?

  • We got ice cream.

  • Ice cre-

  • Yeah. Then we went to my grandma's for the rest of the night.

  • Okay. Well then call Adam

  • I'm not gonna call Adam.

  • Call. Adam.

  • Call him!

  • Is that gonna make you happy?

  • Yes.

  • I'll call him.

  • Thank you.

  • Boy, speaker.

  • Yo! What up bro?

  • Adam! What's up, man?

  • Cheerilee playing Fortnite.

  • Yeah

  • How's it hanging, bro?

  • Yo

  • Hey my bad I was at the shower, I was always helping my mom get out of the shower

  • Hey a weird question, what do we do last night? Oh and by the way did you find your sunglasses?

  • Baseball

  • baseball yeah we um

  • Cool cool um and then where do we go after the baseball game?

  • achoo

  • What would we do after

  • We

  • Went ice cream no we went we wouldn't we went to ice cream

  • Yes, we had ice cream and then where did we go Tiger Tiger?

  • Tigers is doing what we do after baseball ice cream bleep tiger I

  • Told you stop calling me that man those days are over

  • Those days are smudged

  • tiger stop calling him that

  • Did I have any other nicknames um no, but do they ever call you keyboard Oh kick keyboard?

  • Or maybe both keyboard Pikachu elder home home elder we remember that

  • Pick achoo

  • Didn't I have like a gender? Uh nickname?. Yes keyboard Pikachu and nipple

  • Well then we got ice cream, then we went home well done page 637 as his other nickname

  • Hey, I'm actually getting another call right now, I'll call you right back buddy one sec, I don't

  • Mark hey any trouble look calm down calm down. What were the words

  • Nipples keyboards keyboard nipple pick a joke

  • Just gonna call you a second now

  • Dude is that his grandma's house could I just head tiger

  • Look

  • After we went to the baseball game we were ahead ice cream with your grandma's house wow

  • Thank you so much Adam no doubt. I'll call you later. It's not being weird yeah

  • Okay

  • What what now okay? Okay?

Where were you last night?


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