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  • - Well hello everyone!

  • My name is Tyler Oakley and today I wanted to give you

  • a little piece of advice that I was once given

  • that helped me through a time in my life

  • when I just felt like a loser.

  • And, whatever way you might feel like a loser,

  • if you ever do feel like a loser,

  • people don't get it.

  • It's like when I feel like this,

  • it's because I feel like I'm not accomplishing

  • what I want to accomplish.

  • Or, other people are doing better than me,

  • or I'm just like not necessarily

  • where I want to be in life,

  • or whatever it is, I just feel like

  • people wont get it, I'm going through my own thing,

  • I just feel like shit.

  • That's it.

  • And a lot of that has to do

  • with comparing yourself to others,

  • which I know is just part of being competitive,

  • I'm pretty competitive, but whether or not you're

  • competitive, you will eventually

  • compare yourself to others

  • because they'll get a part you want in a play,

  • or they'll get the spot that you want,

  • or the solo you want, or a job you want,

  • or a college admission that you want,

  • and if you spend your life comparing yourself

  • to everyone around you, you will never be happy.

  • There's always going to be somebody

  • whose killing it in some way that you will

  • maybe not ever be able to.

  • But, the good thing is you are going to be killing it

  • in your own ways.

  • If you feel like a loser,

  • I guess the most important thing is

  • if there were a contest to being who you are,

  • there will never be anybody in the world

  • who will beat you.

  • That's one way you will always win.

  • You will always be the number one version of you.

  • You will always win that!

  • So, if you every feel like you're down and out,

  • and you suck in every way,

  • I guess, have happiness in the fact

  • that nobody will every be a better you than you!

  • Even Meryl Streep, one of the best actresses of all time,

  • will never be able to pull off

  • being you, as well as you can be you.

  • And I think there's something to be said for that.

  • So, yeah.

  • I hope that helps.

  • I hope you feel less shitty

  • about the situation that you're in,

  • if you're in a shitty situation.

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  • And I will see you guys next time.

  • OK, later!

- Well hello everyone!


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