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  • - When we get pulled over in the Batcars,

  • luckily a lot of the police officers

  • just want their picture taken with it.

  • Yes sir, you can.

  • Please do.

  • We created the Batcar for the Michael Keaton Batman movie,

  • the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo,

  • everything from Herbie the Love Bug

  • to the Landspeeder from Star Wars.

  • We create a lot of wild rides out of some junk.

  • (lighthearted music)

  • In the past two or three years,

  • we've created 15, 16 iconic movie cars.

  • I had a real job at one time at a major airline.

  • We initially started out refurbishing old cars.

  • We decided we were gonna start making some iconic cars

  • that you could actually get in and out of it,

  • drive it, kids can climb on it and look at it.

  • Typical builds can be anywhere from

  • as little as two weeks, to as much as three years.

  • The Speed Racer Mach 5 sitting here beside us

  • started off as a 94 Corvette.

  • Hopefully here in about 30 days it'll be finished up,

  • have a great big honking M on the hood of it,

  • and it'll look awesome.

  • There's a tremendous amount of trial and error.

  • A lot of these cars have a lot of fiberglass on 'em.

  • It's a labor of love to come out

  • and just continue putting down

  • layers and layers of fiberglass.

  • You can't go to O'Riley's or Advanced Auto Parts

  • and ask 'em for a part for a Batcar.

  • (upbeat music)

  • Our Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds car up front

  • is absolutely as screen- accurate as we can get it.

  • From the stainless aluminum interior to the seats

  • to the shifter, the go baby switch in the center.

  • And we drive Eleanor just like it's supposed to be driven.

  • That's why it was built.

  • (engine revving)

  • (tires screeching)

  • Everything we have we take out and drive.

  • Every single piece.

  • We take it all to the local stores, we'll go to McDonald's.

  • What better thing to get groceries in than the Batcar?

- When we get pulled over in the Batcars,


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Building Hollywood's Iconic Cars

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