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  • These Bradley fighting vehicles just arrived in Syria.

  • The National Guard showed them off to us

  • during a rare visit to an American base here.

  • “O.K., is everybody good?

  • Because the most important story is the Bradleys.

  • Combat power: That's what the Bradley brings to the fight.”

  • But why bring these vehicles in now?

  • The commander in chief says one thing:

  • We're keeping the oil.

  • We have the oil.

  • The oil is secure.

  • We left troops behind only for the oil.”

  • While the military says another:

  • “I would be cautious with saying

  • that the mission to secure the oil fields.

  • The mission is the defeat of ISIS.”

  • What we saw on the ground clarifies

  • some of the confusion.

  • The military is scrambling to save a mission

  • that Trump has thrown into chaos.

  • In early October,

  • Trump announced an end to U.S. presence

  • in northeastern Syria.

  • We are out of there.

  • We've been out of there for a while.

  • No soldiers whatsoever.”

  • So the military abandoned bases and outposts

  • and began to cede influence.

  • Which let Russian and Syrian government forces sweep in

  • to fill the vacuum.

  • But as the U.S. was pulling out, military leaders

  • convinced Trump that some troops had to stay.

  • They said they needed to stop a precious resource, oil,

  • from falling into the wrong hands.

  • The plan worked.

  • But when we visited, the oil didn't seem like a priority.

  • And where are the oil fields exactly, from here?”

  • “I think there's one right up there.

  • I'm not really sure.”

  • We don't go patrol the oil fields

  • or anything of that sort.

  • But I mean having the Apaches here

  • is a big strategic deterrence.”

  • The priorities we saw?

  • We know that ISIS is trying to regroup.”

  • Continue the fight against ISIS.

  • And we're going to continue to put the pressure on ISIS.

  • That is our mission.”

  • Mend alliances

  • which is why a spokesman for the American-led

  • coalition made a point of praising Kurdish forces

  • in front of the cameras.

  • And we will never forget the sacrifice made by

  • the strong, proud, brave S.D.F. warriors throughout Syria.”

  • And more broadly, signal that the U.S. still

  • has a foothold here.

  • Clearly the president's message ...

  • We're getting out of the endless wars.”

  • ... is being reinterpreted on the ground.

  • The mission still continues.

  • We'll be in bases from Deir al-Zour

  • to Qamishli to Derik,

  • and all throughout that expansive area.”

  • What we saw was not a military in retreat.

  • We saw a military displaying its beefed-up arsenal.

  • The Bradley provides a deterrent against conflict.

  • Bad guys see it and they don't want to fight it.”

  • Evidence that for the U.S., the endless war here

  • is going to last a little longer.

These Bradley fighting vehicles just arrived in Syria.


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Trump Says ISIS Was Defeated in Syria. So Why Is the U.S. Still Fighting?

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