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  • There's nothing quite like

  • a hot bowl of noodle soup.

  • In fact you might even say it's priceless.

  • But how much would you be willing

  • to pay for a serving of Taiwan's best beef noodle soup?

  • $20, $50?

  • How about $320?

  • (upbeat music)

  • This is beef noodle soup...

  • a Taiwanese staple dish.

  • You can find it on

  • the streets of Taipei at a lot of places.

  • Like here or here,

  • and it will usually run you no more than six bucks.

  • But there's one restaurant that has taken

  • this common noodle dish to truly elevated heights.

  • (Chinese)

  • While beef noodle soup may seem simple,

  • it's all about the ingredients.

  • (Chinese)

  • As for the cost,

  • it wasn't actually Wong and his father who came up

  • with the price tag.

  • (Chinese)

  • Funny enough,

  • as the restaurant's popularity increased,

  • they actually moved to a smaller location.

  • (Chinese)

  • So if you have the cash to spare

  • see for yourself if this soup is worth the price.

There's nothing quite like


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Trying a $321 Bowl of Soup

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