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  • now we start our World News with the latest on the unrest in Hong Kong the

  • authorities there are an intense standoff with pro-democracy protesters

  • who have barricaded themselves inside a university in the city and for the first

  • time a rare public move we have been seeing Chinese troops on the streets in

  • Hong Kong let's go over to our Kingdom II for the latest Tommy we're also

  • getting the latest news that Hong Kong police have stormed into the university

  • after fiery explosions inside the university reckon y'all Hong Kong is

  • becoming more and more like a battlefield day by day and that was

  • especially the case over the weekend at Hong Kong Polytechnic Technic University

  • the school is a loss of five universities to be occupied by

  • protesters and in a bit to get them out Hong Kong police pulled out a

  • controversial anti-riot sound revised known as long range acoustic device a

  • low frequency and noisy will sound assent warnings to protesters but riot

  • police a rejected protesters claim that it's a weapon that can cause harm while

  • police fired tear gas and water cannons protesters said a police vehicle on fire

  • and shot errors from the barricade at University one arrow became launched in

  • one leg meanwhile Chinese soldiers stationed in Hong Kong had been spotted

  • cleaning up Hong Kong streets the presence of the mainland the People's

  • Liberation Army has a prompted concerns that Beijing may exert a force on Hong

  • Kong sooner rather than later in fact according to China's a Ming Pao

  • newspaper senior Chinese officials including a vice premier han seong took

  • a visit to Guangdong province an area close to Hong Kong and discussed the

  • current crisis in Hong Kong as tensions are only escalating in the city all

  • schools in Hong Kong will be closed on Monday

now we start our World News with the latest on the unrest in Hong Kong the


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香港理工大学で暴徒と抗議者が衝突し、火事と騒動が発生。 (Fire and fury at Hong Kong Polytechnic University as riot police and protesters clash)

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