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  • All alone, here and crying on my own

  • Everything builds up and spills away

  • The days were bright, but for the two of us, too white

  • And it's so painful to see

  • If you can live all by yourself, alone

  • I don't think I can love or feel anymore

  • Your scent lingers around me

  • Your voice keeps ringing through me, today

  • And I know that our tale has ended

  • But these pieces of our love are still stuck in me

  • And I will keep on wishing

  • Oh, I'll keep on praying now today

  • That you will feel the same way, so far away

  • I hope that you'll be crying

All alone, here and crying on my own


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mew Unlasting SAO Alicization: War of Underworld ED ENGLISH Cover Lyrics

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