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  • Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a warning that radical and violent crimes

  • have seriously trampled on the rule of law and social order in Hong Kong and

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  • Kim Dao me at the I didn't News Center now tell me what exactly did the Chinese

  • leader have to say about this unrest conn-young well President Xi have

  • pledged the Beijing's full support for Hong Kong's police in punishing what he

  • calls a violent criminals speaking on desire lens of a summit in Brazil on

  • Thursday he said the continuous of violent activities serious challenge to

  • one country two systems' bottom line although he didn't specify how the

  • central government would impose its will she noted that Chinese government is

  • more than determined to oppose any external force interfering Hong Kong's

  • affairs he then reiterated that stopping the violence and restoring order is Hong

  • Kong's most urgent task at the moment while he

  • was delivering his remarks pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong continued Thursday

  • for a fourth consecutive week day student protesters are barricaded

  • themselves inside universities which will be closed until Sunday due to the

  • turmoil riot police responded with tear gas and patrol bums the clashes have

  • become so intense that international students including South Koreans are

  • leaving the city as several universities that canceled classes for the rest of

  • the semester

Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a warning that radical and violent crimes


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Chinese leader pledges full support for Hong Kong police in punishing "violent criminals"

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