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  • Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

  • Tom here for BBC Learning English.

  • Today I'm going to explain the difference between

  • 'everyone' and 'anyone'.

  • When I say 'hello everyone',

  • I'm talking to all the people in a group

  • or all the people watching this video.

  • 'Anyone', however, relates to any one individual person

  • in a group, and we often use it to ask questions.

  • For example:

  • Is anyone listening?

  • Or: Can anyone answer today's question?

  • Here I'm asking if any individuals in the group

  • are listening.

  • If the whole group is listening, we can say:

  • Yes, everyone is listening!

  • - Which is something that English teachers love to hear.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!


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Everyone vs Anyone - English In A Minute

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