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  • Fun at the fair

  • today Peppa and her family are at the funfair

  • snort, slidy slidy, giggles George

  • George wants to go on helter skeltor, says daddy pig

  • Daddy Pig and George head off to the helter skeltor

  • Okay, see you later see you later

  • roll up! roll up! cries Miss Rabbit

  • hook a duck and win a giant teddy

  • I'll try to win one for you peppa, says Mummy Pig

  • but I don't think it's that easy

  • it's impossible, laughs Miss Rabbit

  • We'll see about that, cries Mummy Pig

  • Roll up, Roll up hook a duck and win a giant teddy

  • Mummy can we have a go? okay

  • Mummy Pig has hooked a duck

  • Hooray!! cheers Peppa

  • That's amazing, cries Miss Rabbit

  • Here's your giant teddy

  • Wouldn't you like a little teddy instead peppa?

  • No way, giggles Peppa happily

  • Hooray!!! That's amazing! Here's your giant teddy

  • George and Daddy Pig are at the helter skeltor

  • Hmmm It's a bit high George

  • Are you sure you want to have a go?

  • asks Daddy Pig

  • George giggles and runs up the stairs to the top

  • It's a bit too high

  • and George starts to cry

  • Don't worry George, I'll come up with you says Daddy Pig

  • one pound please!! one pound??? It's all for a good cause

  • Heehee Weeeee, cries George

  • sliding all the way down the helter skeltor

  • now George is having too much fun to be scared

  • it is a bit high, says Daddy Pig nervously

  • Daddy Pig is more scared than George

  • Oops!! Daddy Pig slips down the slide

  • Women are useless at this

  • What did you say?

  • says Mummy Pig crossly

  • She picks up the bow and arrow and aims

  • roll up roll up!! hit the target and win a giant teddy

  • you can do that easily Mummy

  • Unbelievable!!

  • Whoosh!! the arrow hits the target right in the middle

  • Mummy Pig wins again

  • Unbelievable!!

  • cries Mister Labrador

  • here's your teddy

  • Hooray!! cheers Peppa

  • Now she has two giant teddies

  • Hooray!!

  • Daddy Pig and George are riding on the big wheel

  • George loves it

  • but Daddy Pig is a little bit scared

  • this wheelie is high, says Daddy Pig

  • is the big wheel go round and round

  • heehee!! snorts and giggles George

  • Daddy Pig and George find Peppa and Mummy Pig

  • hit this button with a hammer, says Mr.Bull

  • if the bell rings, you win a prize

  • I'll have a go, says Daddy Pig

  • stand back

  • I think you're abit wobbly from the big wheel, says Mummy Pig

  • Do be careful Daddy Pig, you're not that fit

  • I'm strong, I'll have a go

  • HO HO!! laughs Mr.Bull

  • Daddy Pig is looking a bit shaking

  • What? says Mummy Pig crossly give me that hammer

  • whack

  • Mummy Pig hits the button as hard as she can

  • the bell rings loudly

  • ding ding ding

  • goodness me

  • I've never seen anything like it

  • Everyone is very impressed

  • Mummy Pig wins all the giant teddies at the fair

  • Hooray!! cheers Peppa

  • and she gives all her friends one giant teddy bear each

  • Hooray!!! everyone cheers

  • we love funfairs

Fun at the fair


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