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  • - Picture day was something

  • that I actually kind of dreaded.

  • You have your picture taken that's the way

  • it's gonna be in the yearbook, forever.

  • Little did I know that I was actually taking

  • part in this ritual that I would research.

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  • - [Announcer] What if you could write a formula

  • so advanced that you could wade through millions

  • of yearbook photos to track social trends.

  • Researchers at UC Berkeley are helping

  • historians do just that.

  • - This project is really about history.

  • We looked for a data set

  • that would kind of capture changes

  • in people and we found that

  • we could use high school yearbooks

  • because yearbooks have existed in high schools

  • in America from about 1902

  • and throughout this entire time the format

  • has stayed exactly the same.

  • You go to school and you dress up nice

  • and you stand in front of the camera

  • and you have your picture taken.

  • So there's millions, literally, of photographs

  • that are basically all the same.

  • One of the things we were able to create

  • was an average image or a composite

  • of what the average teen looked like

  • in the 20th century.

  • We could just measure, literally,

  • the curvature of the smile.

  • There's basically one big up curve

  • until the second world war and then there

  • are a couple of dips but it keeps going up.

  • And for every decade we found

  • a bunch of subgroups.

  • In the 1960s, we found for girls

  • all these different hairstyles.

  • There's the flip, that goes like this.

  • Then there's the beehive

  • which is this big bubble thing.

  • And then in the '70s we get the afros

  • and the bouffants and all kinds

  • of stuff like that.

  • The data kind of speaks to us.

  • And things emerge from the data.

  • All kinds of pattern or trend without

  • needing any human annotation.

  • And this is a really big deal because

  • mostly big data is just really a bunch of noise.

  • If we can find ways to automatically tease

  • these things out, we, as humans

  • will have much less work in order to be able

  • to understand what we see.

  • (enthusiastic music)

- Picture day was something


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How Your Awkward Teen Years Are Making History

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