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  • (upbeat techno music)

  • - [Keith] Anything that you do

  • definitely has the element of power.

  • When you're actually out there,

  • and you're actually voguing or you're actually walking,

  • and the beat is taking you,

  • then you just go for it.

  • (upbeat music)

  • - My name is Keith Holt.

  • When I'm out at the balls, I become Keith Ebony

  • the crown prince of Baltimore.

  • Voguing, it's an underground art form,

  • that was brought to like throw shade on the dance floor.

  • Ballroom in general was developed to be underground.

  • Partially because of so much stigma and hate

  • that the LGBT community have experienced.

  • This is a place that you can be anything that you want to be

  • James is like that new generation of voguers.

  • - How you doin? I'm the Legendary Lil James Khan.

  • I'm the vogue fem extraordinaire.

  • - [Keith] He is like the Beyoncé of the ballroom scene.

  • Mook is my best friend.

  • - I am the voice of Baltimore, Mook Mizrahi.

  • The dramatic one.

  • - [Keith] He commentates, he vogue.

  • James, Mook, and myself are some people that

  • are really leading the next generation.

  • (upbeat music)

  • - [Keith] I work for the Baltimore city health department.

  • I'm the youth outreach coordinator.

  • With that I kind of come up with the different events.

  • And something that kept coming up was,

  • why not throw a ball?

  • So we have our free ball.

  • And because Baltimore has a high rate in HIV,

  • that's why we make sure that every event that we have

  • we do offer both HIV testing and HIV linkage

  • to treatment as well.

  • For me it's really like this is not just a job.

  • This is my community.

  • These are people that I know.

  • Ballroom is not just a extracurricular activity anymore.

  • It's actually now a part of my life.

  • (upbeat music)

(upbeat techno music)


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