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  • (soft music)

  • - Making drawings on land, on quite a large scale

  • is something people have been doing

  • for thousands of years.

  • I'm Simon Beck and I make drawings in the snow.

  • (wind blowing)

  • It started as a bit of fun

  • but gradually it's taken over my life.

  • (panting)

  • A ballpark estimate of footsteps,

  • about 5,000 steps in an hour.

  • (pulsing music)

  • A big drawing,

  • two hours measuring, eight hours work.

  • (snow crunching)

  • You're looking at 40,000 steps.

  • (chiming music)

  • I started doing it as an easier alternative

  • to hiking up the mountain when I wanted some exercise.

  • You start with a drawing on a piece of paper,

  • or else a drawing in your mind.

  • Just treating it being like an orienteering touring map.

  • You're just going a certain distance

  • in a certain direction,

  • determining distances by counting paces.

  • It's a very physical exercise.

  • It's equivalent to a long day's walk in the hills

  • when you make one of these big drawings.

  • I'm just about the only person in the world

  • doing anything like it.

(soft music)


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Art at Altitude: Snow Murals in the Mountains

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