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  • - Coming home, I think the best part

  • was seeing my family and friends.

  • And feeling this immense love and pride

  • and just feeling great to see them

  • and then just walking on terra firma again, you know?

  • Not floating around but just feeling the Earth beneath you,

  • that's a beautiful moment.

  • (light ethereal music)

  • I had those moments of, "Where am I?

  • "Am I in space, am I at home, am I on the ground,

  • "how am I gonna move, how am I gonna eat?

  • "Am I able to throw food in the air and go fly and get it?"

  • To walk on the beach was just the most incredible thing.

  • When you look at the horizon,

  • it kind of helps regauge your gyros in your inner ears

  • and it helps know exactly what's up and down

  • and right and left.

  • Driving felt interesting because you've been traveling

  • at 17,500 miles per hour.

  • And then you come back and you get in your car

  • and you're like, "Oh, I'm going 60 miles an hour, huh?”

  • "That's nothing.”

  • "I'm going a hundred miles an hour.”

  • "Oh, that's nothing."

  • It changes the way you think about speed.

  • I think food tasted better.

  • After eating the rehydrated vegetables

  • and the irradiated turkey,

  • coming home to a wonderful meal and sharing it

  • and not having to go chase it

  • when it bounces off or something, and you can pick it up

  • and you know it's coming to your mouth, that's pretty cool.

  • If you wanna go to space, it would be one of these things

  • that is transformative on so many different levels.

  • I would tell future explorers

  • to make sure that when you worked with others

  • that you work as a team,

  • you see all people as potential, you know, space travelers together,

  • no matter what language they speak,

  • no matter what they look like, no matter what food they eat,

  • and to know that we're all in this together

  • and work hard and share the fun.

- Coming home, I think the best part


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宇宙での生活からの帰還 (Returning Home From Life In Space)

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