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  • - Every radio definitely has its own personality.

  • This is the boom box your grandmother

  • or maybe your great-grandmother would have carried around.

  • This reminds me of a football, actually.

  • If you live in a split-level house,

  • this is the radio for you.

  • This radio has never been opened before,

  • 'cause this one's a breeze.

  • There's not a whole lot of documentation

  • that's still around on how to do this.

  • Its going too red for my liking.

  • You get them in wrong, the radio blows up.

  • Sometimes, I work on these radios

  • for hours and hours and hours,

  • and just when I think I'm about to give up,

  • something clicks in my mind and it works.

  • To me, this radio looks very science fiction like.

  • This would be like the console of a space ship.

  • It started off as a hobby and now its become

  • a little bit more than that.

  • I have several hundred at any given point.

  • These radios are found in dumps and garages

  • and old closets.

  • There were families that probably sat around these radios

  • and listened to the first man land on the moon.

  • FDR's Fireside Chats were probably playing

  • through these radios.

  • Digital technology sterilizes music.

  • Old radios sound a lot more organic,

  • a lot warmer.

  • When I repair these radios I feel like

  • I'm giving them back their old voice.

- Every radio definitely has its own personality.


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The Vintage Radio Repairman

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