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  • (light ambient music) - It's a great life.

  • I wouldn't change it for anything.

  • I was a model.

  • I was always in heels and pumps and platform shoes,

  • and I worried about my weight. There just came a time

  • I just said, “Enough, I'm not happy anymore.”

  • I came to Alaska with one dog and about $500 in my pocket

  • 'cause I wanted to be a sled-dog musher.

  • (light piano music) I knew that life

  • in Alaska was for me basically the moment

  • I stepped off the airplane.

  • I got here and the mountains just blew me away.

  • It's like how some people feel when they see the ocean.

  • I personally don't feel isolated at all in Alaska

  • because I'm surrounded by a lot of dogs and a lot of family.

  • Racing is fun, and I enjoy that.

  • But there is a great need for rescue in Alaska.

  • We take dogs that are rejected

  • from other teams and other kennels.

  • They all have their own unique stories,

  • and this is, to me, the most rewarding work we can do.

  • I'm training for the Iditarod 2016.

  • The Iditarod is the world's longest

  • and probably most well known sled dog race.

  • It's a thousand miles, starts in Anchorage

  • and goes to Nome, and it covers some amazing country

  • and it goes up on the coast off of the Bering Sea.

  • To be on the sled with the dogs feels amazing.

  • You're part of this wild world where there's caribou

  • and there's moose, and you got the sunrise,

  • you got the sunset, you got the stars over you,

  • you got the moon over you.

  • And it's a great feeling to be a part of that.

(light ambient music) - It's a great life.


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ファッションモデルからソリ犬のマッシャーへ (From Fashion Model to Sled Dog Musher)

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