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  • tWitch, now that you've caught your breath,

  • I want to talk about your Instagram.

  • tWitch and his wife, Allison, are posting really cool dance

  • videos all the time.

  • This, I think, I just saw this.

  • This is the most recent one, I think.

  • And they post him at their house.


  • I love that.

  • I love that.


  • Thank you very much.

  • Thank you.

  • tWitch's Instagram is the best, if you don't follow it.

  • How long do you rehearse?

  • Because you show a lot of different dances all the time.

  • How long do you work on one?

  • We work on-- I mean, it just takes us a couple of minutes.

  • We'll play the song like maybe once or twice through.

  • And just kind of groove to it, and put it together.

  • This is like one of the few times

  • that we just get to dance together without it necessarily

  • being a job.

  • So these are just super fun.

  • So it's just a couple of minutes.

  • It's so great.

  • I can't believe you just rehearse a couple of minutes

  • and then just put it on the screen.

  • It's so fun.

  • And also, Allison is eight months pregnant.

  • I just gotta say that, too.

  • Like she's like-- she's dancing with a full grown baby

  • in there.

  • It's crazy.

  • If you're not already following Twitter on Instagram,

  • you should.

  • And if you're not already following me,

  • then you should leave.

tWitch, now that you've caught your breath,


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tWitch Breaks Down Dance Videos with Pregnant Wife Allison

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