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  • - [Narrator] So you think Tinder is a recent phenomenon.

  • What if I told you Tinder on paper

  • existed back in the Victorian days?

  • Here's what happened.

  • Way before Hallmark, people used personal calling cards

  • to connect with each other.

  • Picture this.

  • It was the late 1800s.

  • A man and a woman crossed paths.

  • They exchange a look.

  • In return, the man passed his card.

  • See, society at that time was very formal

  • and not satisfied with the stiff social conventions,

  • youngsters got creative.

  • Enter escort cards, the calling card with a twist.

  • Think of the most ridiculous and cheesy pickup line

  • you've ever heard written on a card.

  • - [Man] Come and see our new lamp.

  • You can turn it down so low that there is scarcely

  • any light at all, P.S. our sofa just holds two.

  • - [Man] I'm just your size and complexion,

  • I'm going in your direction, so if you have no objection,

  • I'd like to be your protection.

  • - [Man] I am C.Y. Young, who the devil are you?.

  • - [Narrator] Now, picture that card slipped to you,

  • it was a way to flirt in public

  • without anyone ever knowing.

  • - [Man] May I have the pleasure

  • of seeing you home this evening?

  • - [Narrator] And in this case, oh, she swiped left.

  • Sorry.

  • (soft violin music)

- [Narrator] So you think Tinder is a recent phenomenon.


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The 19th Century Tinder: Welcome to the Racy World of Escort Cards

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