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  • - So, I, um, got some shock cord like this,

  • and laboriously cut all the covering off it

  • to expose the natural rubber.

  • And here's the bungee.

  • We had this old potato sack,

  • and I filled it up with rocks

  • and dropped it over the side

  • and it just hit the water, split,

  • dropping all the stones, and that was our test.

  • So I thought, well, we're not doing one more test

  • it's gonna be me.

  • (laughing)

  • And I hit the water, (bleep), so hard.

  • Bang!

  • Right in over my head.

  • And I thought, well that's it.

  • And then all of a sudden, I'm out of the water again.

  • And I'm thinking: “It works!”

  • And that was the first modern bungee jump.

  • That was the start of things to come.

  • (long beep)

  • - [Man] Heads up!

  • (edgy rock music)

  • - Our weekends were pretty much taken up with bungee.

  • Different places, different crew.

  • (laughing)

  • I teamed up with AJ, and he was of a like-mind like me.

  • Newtonian physics had been thrown out the window.

  • - Just carry on.

  • - And we had thoughts very, very quickly.

  • And of course, every bridge was getting

  • bigger and bigger and bigger and that was exciting.

  • My dream was going out to sea so we said,

  • we better jump the Auckland Harbor Bridge.

  • So we drive up onto the bridge,

  • everyone jump out with their little bits and pieces

  • down underneath the bridge, and we're ready to go.

  • - [Man] Looks like the Deodar's coming for a visit, folks.

  • - What the police said was, "Whatever you're gonna do,

  • don't do it!"

  • AJ turns to me, he goes, "Did you hear that?"

  • And I went, "No."

  • (laughing)

  • Yeah, we just jumped.

  • (playful, inspiring music)

  • (cheering)

  • I just went and there was this lone policeman

  • on the back of the Deodar with his mouth just gaping open.

  • - [Man] AJ, you can forget your trip to Europe, son.

  • Then the story broke, and then it was

  • guns blazing after that.

  • AJ went overseas and ended up doing some

  • bungee jumping over there, we kind of drifted apart.

  • I didn't really get a good handle on

  • how commercial it was going to be.

  • I was just really testing the idea.

  • (playful, inspiring music)

- So, I, um, got some shock cord like this,


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ジャンプ。バンジーのBallsyオリジネーターを満たす (The Jump: Meet the Ballsy Originator of Bungee)

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