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  • - [Reporter] Nylon stockings make me think

  • of Melanie Griffith in Working Girl.

  • But they actually have an interesting past,

  • and it involves the U.S. Army,

  • gravy juice, and department store riots.

  • Until the 1930s, women wore silk and nylon stockings,

  • because having your legs uncovered was not acceptable.

  • But then World War II happened.

  • The U.S. military began buying up nylon and silk

  • and using it to make parachutes and tires and cords.

  • So women donated their stockings to the war effort.

  • The official motto for women during World War II

  • was "make do and mend.”

  • Wartime ads told women

  • that they needed to keep up appearances.

  • So, when life gave them lemons, women in the '40s,

  • they made liquid stockings.

  • It was a makeup for your legs, kind of like self-tanner.

  • It looked like stockings if applied well.

  • Women even drew the seam line on the back of their calves.

  • And this was not easy.

  • Some salons offered it as a service.

  • But if this foundation wasn't around,

  • women used gravy juice.

  • That brownish hue mimicked the color of liquid stockings,

  • and worked.

  • Soon after the end of World War II,

  • DuPont, the big name in stocking manufacturing,

  • said they would be producing women's nylons again.

  • And in 1946, a store in Pittsburgh announced

  • that finally they had them.

  • Roughly 40,000 women showed up

  • only to find out 13,000 pairs were available.

  • Fighting ensued, and 1946 became known

  • as the year of the Nylon Riots.

  • Obviously, DuPont got their act together.

  • And by the end of that year, the nylon depression ended.

  • And out went the gravy tights.

  • Thank goodness.

- [Reporter] Nylon stockings make me think


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