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  • The world produces enough plastic each year to build 50 Pyramids of Giza.

    世界では毎年、ギザのピラミッド約 50 個分、プラスチックが排出されています。

  • That's over 350 million tons of candy wrappers, PVC pipes, and synthetic T-shirts.

    これには、3 億 5000 万トンを超える飴の包み紙、ポリ塩化ビニルパイプ、合成繊維の T シャツが含まれます。

  • While most of it ends up in landfills, eight million tons of plastic winds up in our oceans each year, where most of it finds its way into massive garbage patches around the world.

    多くは埋め立てられるのですが、800 万トンのプラスチックが海に流れ出ます。そしてその大半が、世界中の巨大なゴミだまりへとたどり着くのです。

  • And the biggest of them all is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


  • If you picked up each piece of plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, you'd carry away about 1.8 trillion individual pieces.

    太平洋ゴミベルトのプラスチップゴミを 1 つ 1 つ拾ったとすれば、約 1 兆 8000 億個のプラスチックゴミを抱えることになるでしょう。

  • That's 10 times more plastic pieces than there are stars in our Milky Way Galaxy. And it would weigh a whopping 80,000 tons, equivalent to the weight of three Statues of Liberty.

    これは、天の川銀河にある星の数の 10 倍で、重さはなんと 8 万トン、つまり、自由の女神像 3 体分に相当します。

  • Half of the entire patch is made of plastic fishing nets, lines, and ropes which come from intense fishing activity near the area.


  • The other half is mostly hard plastics and films like water bottles and plastic wrap. But don't let the name Great Pacific Garbage Patch fool you.


  • It doesn't look like a giant mountain of trash at all.


  • It's actually scattered over a region of ocean that's twice the size of Texas according to some estimates.

    推計によると、テキサス州の 2 倍の大きさの海域に、ゴミが散乱しているのです。

  • So, if you wanted to pick up every piece of plastic, it would take you 121 days at a walking pace of 5 kilometers per hour to cover the entire area.

    このプラスチックゴミを全て拾おうとするならば、時速 5 キロのスピードで歩くとして、全域をカバーするのに 121 日かかるのです。

  • Though in reality, there's no true end since the garbage patch is constantly ebbing and flowing with the ocean currents.


  • But let's pretend we could scoop it all up into one place.

    でも、全てのゴミを 1 つの場所にまとめられると想像してみましょう。

  • There'd be enough plastic to fill 100 Boeing 747 planes, and the patch is only getting bigger.

    そこには、ボーイング 747 機 100 機分を埋め尽くすほどのプラスチックがあり、そのゴミだまりは大きくなっていく一方です。

  • It's actually been growing exponentially larger for nearly 70 years, partly because once the plastic is there, it'll stick around for centuries.

    実は約 70 年にわたり、その大きさは急激に拡大しています。

  • Those plastic fishing lines, for example, will take 600 years to break down.

    その理由の 1 つが、プラスチックは何世紀にもわたって存在し続けるからということです。

  • And even after they break down, the damage doesn't stop there.

    例えば、プラスチック製の釣り糸は、分解に 600 年かかります。

  • Most end up as microplastics that are too small to see with the naked eye but can make it into the bellies of sea animals and, ultimately, the humans that will eat those animals.


  • Worldwide, researchers have found ingested microplastics in every species of sea turtle, nearly 60% of whale species, and almost 60% of sea birds.


  • Plus, more plastic is pouring into the world's oceans each day.

    研究者らによると、世界中で、ウミガメの全種、クジラと海鳥の約 60% が、マイクロプラスチックを摂取していると判明しています。

  • In fact, experts estimate that by the year 2050, the amount of plastic in the oceans will outweigh all the world's fish.


  • Think about that the next time you toss your water bottle in the trash because the recycling is full.

    専門家らは、2050 年までに、海のプラスチックの量が、世界中の魚の重量を超えるだろうと予想しています。

The world produces enough plastic each year to build 50 Pyramids of Giza.

世界では毎年、ギザのピラミッド約 50 個分、プラスチックが排出されています。

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太平洋のゴミ島、ゴミベルトの実態  ( How Big The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Really Is )

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