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  • (fast paced guitar strumming over cheering)

  • - [Richard] From the very first time

  • I did a run I was hooked.

  • It's a competition, and my family, we're about competition.

  • (fast paced guitar strumming)

  • - When you get behind that horse,

  • and it doesn't matter how many years you've done it,

  • you're a little bit worried, you know?

  • Certain things can happen on that course

  • that could change your life forever.

  • (fast paced guitar strumming with drums)

  • (rider whoops)

  • (audience cheers and whistles)

  • Skijoring is basically down on an 800 foot track

  • with a horse that's towing you

  • going over three jumps, getting three sets of rings,

  • the fastest time wins.

  • Boom, boom, boom.

  • (fast paced guitar music)

  • Sounds relatively easy, but when you're doing

  • 40 miles an hour behind this 1,500 pound animal,

  • it gets to be really exciting.

  • (banjo music)

  • - Skiers can crash, horses can crash

  • and anything can happen.

  • A lot can go wrong in 17 seconds.

  • (fast guitar strumming)

  • (slow guitar picking)

  • I'm fourth generation on the ranch.

  • (metal gate rattles)

  • I was on a horse for my first time at 24 hours old.

  • I came back from the hospital and my dad was on the horse,

  • and so I got thrown up on the horse with my dad,

  • and since then I keep on riding.

  • You guys ready to run?

  • - I've been skiing since I was two years old.

  • (boot ratchets)

  • Been racing, pi-gon skiing for 20 years.

  • (skis thud)

  • Skijoring is like no other rush you've ever had.

  • It is an adrenaline junky sport.

  • (slow electronic music)

  • - [Richard] You really have to work together.

  • It's teamwork, but you both gotta

  • really know what you're doing to succeed.

  • - We're ninth in the runaway.

  • - Yep.

  • - What we need to do is basically watch

  • every runner before us.

  • There are two different cultures in this sport.

  • - [Richard] You got a bunch of rednecks or hicks or ranchers

  • and you got a bunch of hippies.

  • For this event, they get together and they all get along.

  • - Melding them together is important

  • to become a full on team.

  • - All out.

  • - All out.

  • Kick ass and take names.

  • - Yep.

  • (chuckles)

  • (low string music over electronic beat)

(fast paced guitar strumming over cheering)


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When Normal Skiing Just Won't Do

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