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  • STAN WINSTON: Everything in Terminator 2 has been finessed.

  • We've had a luxury in this movie,

  • we've been able to do what we normally could never do in a movie,

  • we've been able to take what we did the first time,

  • and do it better the second time.

  • I can also say, that now having finished Terminator 2,

  • we could now go back and do Terminator 2

  • better than we did it this time, the next time around.

  • It's the same endoskeleton,

  • basically the same design.

  • We have finessed it,

  • you as an audience will not see the differences,

  • but it's much more technically advanced

  • than the endoskeleton in the first movie.

  • It's actually artistically advanced,

  • beyond the endoskeleton in the first movie,

  • but these things are subtleties

  • that only we as the artists and technicians will see.

  • Hopefully from an audience standpoint,

  • you'll be seeing just more,

  • but more character because they can do more.

  • There's more life to these endoskeletons.

  • But they are basically the same endoskeleton.

  • We tried to re-create life.

  • And it's impossible.

  • There's nothing that we can do

  • that will actually duplicate living things.

  • We can come close,

  • but we can't do it exactly.

  • And that's what our job is.

  • We are duplicating life.

  • We are duplicating Arnold.

  • We are re-creating,

  • we're giving robotic life to things.

  • We are making animatronic duplications of living things.

  • Once you try to,

  • to duplicate that life in art,

  • in technology,

  • with the use of servos to animatronically move faces;

  • with the finest artists

  • trying to duplicate skin texture and skin tones;

  • with the finest technicians doing all of the mechanical work

  • and all of the original drawings and designs,

  • with all of the sculpture, all of it,

  • we are trying to duplicate life.

  • It's going to be better this time than it was before.

  • It's going to be seamless, hopefully, to the viewer.

  • Arnold, of course, we had to design the makeup effects

  • that made Arnold himself, the actor,

  • appear to be The Terminator

  • when a certain amount of flesh was removed from his face

  • and certain appendages were ripped off of his body

  • and the revealing of the robotic aspect underneath him,

  • all of these aspects of Arnold.

  • The makeup effects on Arnold,

  • that we have; the chrome aspect of him,

  • the underskin aspect of him,

  • all of these things we learned from the first

  • how to make them better,

  • how to make them lay flatter to his face,

  • how to make the illusion of the chrome underskull

  • be more acceptable as a makeup.

  • So that it wasn't sitting out as far on his face as a makeup.

  • Although the puppets actually work much better,

  • the animatronic puppets,

  • than they did in the first,

  • the need is less because of how well the makeup worked.

  • And because of that,

  • Jim was able to use Arnold in the makeup

  • much more extensively than in the first movie.

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STAN WINSTON: Everything in Terminator 2 has been finessed.


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