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  • Nael 1: Hey, guess what I got a new car!

  • Nael2: congratulation, what is it?

  • Nael 1: A Renault Twizy

  • Nael 2 : A what?

  • nael 2 : oh come on, it is a great car! Come on i'll show you

  • The starting price for this car is 8,000 euros

  • For that you get a all electric car with two seats two glove boxes but no cup holder and no stereo

  • (sound of the electric motor)

  • So as you can see there's no windows

  • so I can do that

  • And today we are going throught a heat stroke emrh

  • heat wave, so...

  • I'm very glad it doesn' have windows so the air can come in

  • (sound of the blinkers)

  • You do need a driving license in France for this car

  • and it needs to be insured

  • and it has a top speed of...

  • 80 km an hour

  • Wich is not bad because most roads are ...

  • unless you are on the highway

  • you are limited to that speed so...

  • I am fine with it

  • There is a few bumps

  • in my road

  • And it is a very bumpy car

  • I'm 20 km/h

  • ouki, 30 km/h

  • yeah!

  • now that i am out of the city

  • i can try to go full speed

  • TRY

  • ok, my feet is down

  • 57

  • 58

  • 70

  • 73

  • that is the fastest I was able to go...

  • it would have been quicker on a flat bit

  • You definitely get looks by the people coming by because it is not a usual car

  • But I would recommend it

  • It's super easy if you have to go to the post office, go to do small grocery shopping

  • We went voting in in that car

  • you can find

  • charging maps and

  • Charging station pretty much everywhere in France now.

  • I know three of them four of them in the city i live in

  • You even get to experience the outdoors

  • I would not recommend it using it during

  • hay season

  • If you have allergies to pollen.

  • I had to get some medication yesterday because my eyes and my nose was we're

  • just

  • Floding me

  • The main issue with this car is that even when it's raining even if you do have some kind of window

  • You get water everywhere

  • Windows come in options. So if you are in a rainy country, make sure to get these

  • Because of its size it's also super easy to park

  • And because the doors slides up you can never get trapped inside your car

  • But what if I want to go picnic?

  • meh just put it through the window

  • (handbrake)

  • So must agree that this is not the best-looking car ever

  • You might not get any girls with it

  • but it is a very easy car to ride

  • It has an automatic gearbox and because of the battery that is down there

  • the center of gravity is very low so it's a very stable car and

  • It's super easy to park, so go share this video with someone who doesn't know how to park

  • because this is a their dream car

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  • And we hope to see you next time

Nael 1: Hey, guess what I got a new car!


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