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  • Do I remember that one time I was engaged, do you remember that one time I got unengaged

  • I'm just gonna keep drinking hi guys my name is Hannah Brown and I'm here at

  • Cosmo to do the expensive taste test so I'm going to get two products and I have

  • to decide which one is the most expensive we'll how it goes

  • I don't think I'll be very good at this you could give me whatever and I'm probably

  • gonna pick the cheap thingbut always buy the expensive thing so we'll see like

  • I feel like you should like smell it first they smell cheesy. If you give me Velveeta I'd be happy

  • and let's try this one see I like the taste of this one better

  • but I think I like Velveeta so I probably like cheaper cheese's so I feel

  • like this is the more expensive cheese I'm right yes thank you Velveeta for my

  • expertise in cheeses I know crappy cheese when I tasted it

  • and I love it

  • I don't have to do a toast do i from smells this one smells better and it's

  • less less fizzy I feel like that's good I don't know If it gets the job done

  • it gets the job done I think this is the more expensive one. No? Im just going to keep drinking do I

  • remember that one time I was engaged remember that one time I got unengaged

  • do you remember that one time I then asked another person out on a date I'm

  • on national television after I got engaged and then just reads tabloids pretty good

  • so I don't even know how to say this macarons I call them macaroons

  • so that shows you how much I know about this delicious treat

  • to be honest I've only had like a few macaroons in my life it really needs to

  • be these because these are soft oh and this looks like really bougie cream

  • inside like it has the actual seeds and stuff I know they both were colored but

  • I feel like this company didn't do as good of a job of actually fixing it so I

  • feel like these should be more expensive

  • well they need to make sure they're food coloring is better

  • oh wait you have to waft four dollars one of these is four dollars one of these

  • gives you a headache from one sip

  • I feel like this one has a more more full body which is stronger I think this one

  • I think this one tastes better if it's the four dollar one. Its the four dollar one. I mean classy lady I need to get a

  • dating app right now because I am a hot commodity I have some cheap taste

  • I have no idea about these things I've never used one before

  • it's cold BRB this also feels very nice

  • maybe this is too cold and this is perfect I don't know oh there's another

  • side I'm gonna say this one is the best one

  • oh I know my beauty after you drink your four dollar wine you need to use this to

  • depuff your face because after one sip you your face is puffy so God give me a

  • second a general moisturizer for 300 something dollars it better make me look

  • like I just got Botox freakin vitamin C just fell on my face

  • a little sticky okay well I'm this is the three hundred

  • dollar one because I liked the ten dollar one. I like it.

  • But I can't afford it

  • I usually think I'm pretty good at water but this is hard is this filtered tap

  • water this is the more expensive water

  • for sure see I'm good at water I know my waters

  • well now I'm really moisturized so it will go on very easy but maybe it's

  • they're not matte their supposed to be a sheen also in this one I feel like this

  • is the more expensive one yeah for sure and the colors better I like this for me

  • to go home good thanks

  • this is to really throw me off one of these has a little like specks in it oh

  • gold flecks in there and it's like five dollars or it's like actual pieces of

  • gold it's going on my face who knows

  • oh my god that smells like a freaking popsicle you stay when I was little that

  • was a flipside of popsicle I'm probably really this is rose water the Flintstone

  • flavored one is worse Lipson it is real gold I doubted it ever again at fluoride

  • so I'm a hit or miss it's kind of what I already knew deep down I'm from Alabama

  • and grew up on McDonald it's okay I am basically a walking McDonald should make

  • it and I'm fine with it that was so much fun

  • make sure to subscribe to Cosmo and make sure to watch me on Dancing with the

  • Stars

Do I remember that one time I was engaged, do you remember that one time I got unengaged


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'Bachelorette' Hannah B + Too Much Champagne = Tyler C. Real Talk | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmo

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