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  • We're going to make a fake eyeball

  • You're going to need yarn and clear nailpolish and a print of an iris

  • You'll also need polymorph plastic or clay

  • We're going to use polymorph plastic

  • Heat some water to 62°C and pour some pellets into it

  • Wait for the pellets to turn transparent

  • Scoop them up with the end of a brush, careful it's warm

  • Shape it after it's cooled down a bit, then put it in cold water to cool off

  • Now it turns into solid hard plastic, it's very lightweight

  • You can reuse it by reheating it and it's really cheap on ebay

  • Cut out the picture of the iris and apply it with transparent nailpolish

  • You can also paint on the iris by hand but this is a faster way

  • Cover the eye in transparent nailpolish

  • Add a little extra on the iris for effect

  • Bring out the yarn and break up the ends

  • You want thin small threads, apply with nailpolish

  • We want it to look like small blood vessels

  • Add more and longer threads with nailpolish

  • When we recorded this tutorial we broadcasted some of it on Periscope

  • Download the app and follow us on @ellimacsSFX, more live tutorials to come

  • Get as many pieces of yarn as you like for your eye

  • Add a few extra layers of nailpolish on top of the iris and dry upside down

  • Look at that you're done with your eye

  • Go around the eye with latex or skin adhesive

  • Attach a cotton pad, add more latex around the edge.

  • Paint black in the middle

  • Attach the eye with a lot of latex, and cover with an extra layer latex

  • Then we need a piece of latex to create an eyelid

  • Just pour the latex on a flat surface and let it dry first

  • Mark up a piece that fits and cut

  • Fold the edge to create the eyelid look

  • Add more latex to make it stick

  • Do the same thing for the lower eyelid

  • Trim the edges a bit

  • Live broadcast in Swedish is direktsänt

  • Do two layers of latex to make it stick

  • Let it dry

  • This weeks shout out goes to Anthony, go check out OUTCASTSFX

  • Paint it to match your skin tone

  • Paint on the eyeliner

  • Continue with eyeshadow

  • Some false lashes

  • Get some blood in there, any amount you want

  • If you don't have fake blood you can use red paint

  • If you want more blood and bruising you can let your imagination run wild

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We're going to make a fake eyeball


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Halloween Torn out FAKE eye makeup tutorial

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