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  • Improvement Pill here a couple of months ago I was at a conference for

  • entrepreneurs and the father of Caleb Maddix gave a speech on stage now I

  • didn't know who Caleb was at the time and I'm assuming most of you don't

  • either so I'll give you a quick rundown Caleb Maddix was born in 2001 and made

  • his first million at the age of 16 he actually started his journey as an

  • entrepreneur much earlier than that at the age of 12 when he published the

  • best-selling book keys to success for kids he's pals with some of the most

  • well known self-improvement legends like Tony Robbins Arnold Schwarzenegger and

  • Gary Vee just to name a few and there's even a video of him closing

  • a $10,000 deal on the phone when he was just 14 so just hearing all of this made

  • me very curious how is it that this kid was able to reach such high levels of

  • success at such a young age I mean seriously when I was 12 I was

  • still hanging out in the park playing tag after school back then I never

  • thought about my career or what I should be doing with my life not to say that

  • there's anything wrong with enjoying one's childhood but it really makes you

  • wonder how did Caleb Maddox become so successful and that's exactly what his

  • father Matt Maddox talked about on stage now Matt is a single father he and

  • Kayla's mother had some sort of falling-out early on in Caleb's

  • childhood so he was forced to raise Caleb all on his own which is an

  • extremely hard thing to do because well kids take up a lot of time you have to

  • entertain them and keep them busy or else they go crazy the problem was Matt

  • was a public speaker his job involved traveling around the world giving

  • speeches on stage and although he would bring Caleb along with him he still had

  • to keep Caleb busy while he was working so here's what Matt decided to do when

  • Caleb was only six years old Matt told him that if he could finish reading the

  • success principles by Jack Canfield which is a 500 page book he would get

  • $20 that's a lot of money for a six-year-old so needless to say Caleb

  • was extremely motivated and he finished the book in only a couple of weeks Matt

  • decided to keep this tradition and continued to offer $20 for every

  • self-improvement book his son read and it's this one action that caused Caleb's

  • reached the levels of success he now has at such a young age see the amount of

  • success we have in life is directly correlated with the quality of teachers

  • you learn from because if you think about it in theory it's your teachers

  • job to help you succeed in life that's kind of the point of going to school

  • right that's why we learn things like English and math and history because

  • this stuff is supposed to help you but the thing is it's the quality of your

  • teachers that ultimately determines how successful you become if you're learning

  • from average Joe schmo's who just happen to get teaching degrees the majority of

  • which teach from a textbook not from their personal experience all you're

  • gonna learn is how to be as successful as just another Joe Schmo on the street

  • if you want to outperform others if you want to be healthier wealthier happier

  • than the average person you need to learn from the teachers who are known

  • worldwide as experts in these areas who know how to do things better than most

  • other people you should not focus on learning from

  • your average school teacher or professor because for the most part all they're

  • gonna teach you is how to perform at an average level learn from the average and

  • you will become average learn from the successful and you will become

  • successful now you can learn from the successful in

  • a variety of ways you can watch their videos listen to their podcast but

  • personally I think the best way to learn is by reading their books more

  • specifically by listening to their audiobooks which brings us to the

  • sponsors of today's video audible I've been using them for years

  • now because audible allows you to listen to books in places where you normally

  • wouldn't be able to pull out a physical book such as when you're working out

  • when you're shopping for groceries or when you're driving to work you can

  • easily finish a book every week or two just by using audible while doing your

  • day to day tasks go to

  • Prime members can get audible for just 495 per month for the first three months

  • that's basically three months for the price of one this offer ends July 31st

  • 2019 so make sure you act fast I'm currently listening to can't hurt me

  • by David Goggins who is hands down one of the best teachers on this planet when

  • it comes to willpower Elite check it out besides that guys

  • stay tuned

Improvement Pill here a couple of months ago I was at a conference for


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