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  • >> AIMEE MACABEO: It's kind of, like, frizzy.

  • So I wouldn't want anything silky and beautiful or anything like that.

  • It's a Hag.

  • I'm Aimee Macabeo with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.

  • In my webcourse, I will show you how to hand lay hair

  • on prosthetic appliances.

  • I am going by this design

  • and this is what Bruce was looking for.

  • He did tell me that he wanted me to go a little bit more sparse.

  • I'm going to start with blending the hair,

  • both the color and texture in two different ways,

  • how to map out hair direction.

  • I'll go into cutting and styling of the hair,

  • adding back the texture,

  • and different products that I use.

  • This is a great technique to know.

  • >> BRUCE SPAULDING FULLER: I've seen Aimee, just pull this out of nowhere before.

  • She's just like, "I can do that."

  • And she's a wizard.

  • So, GO!

  • >> AIMEE: I'm really excited to show you all these different techniques.

  • So let's jump in.

>> AIMEE MACABEO: It's kind of, like, frizzy.


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メイクアップ効果ヘアワーク~補整メイクのための髪型~PREVIEW (Makeup Effects Hairwork - Hair Laying for Prosthetic Makeup - PREVIEW)

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