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  • KATO DESTEFAN: Hi, I'm Kato DeStefan

  • for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.

  • Welcome to my course, Dead Body Makeup.

  • Doing a realistic dead body makeup

  • is an important skill for any makeup artist to have

  • due to the high number of

  • different procedural, crime and medical shows out there.

  • I establish the Y-incision

  • and we have two little stab wounds that are gonna go on

  • along with some bruising and your standard lividity and all.

  • I'm gonna start out by introducing you to the types of makeups that I use.

  • Be it alcohol colors, aqua colors, glazing gels, and sprays.

  • In addition we'll address modesty issues

  • and how to keep your actor or actress comfortable in almost any situation.

  • I'll also be discussing ready-made prosthetics

  • and how to make them work for almost any actor.

  • And of course, I'll be walking you through

  • the entire application process;

  • from skin preparation,

  • to prosthetic application,

  • to coloring,

  • to blending it off realistically

  • and a killer paint job.

  • And after our application,

  • I'll take you through my makeup removal process,

  • which is efficient and safe for the actor's skin.

  • We have a lot of info to go over

  • so let's get started.

KATO DESTEFAN: Hi, I'm Kato DeStefan


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デッドボディメイク。リアルな死体メイクを作る - TRAILER (Dead Body Makeup: Creating Realistic Corpse Makeups - TRAILER)

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