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  • >> Lance Anderson: Get the hair, spread it out, and I'll use my thumb and just fan it in.

  • Push it into the adhesive. Now, it's like laying shingles, you start at the bottom and

  • you work your way up. When you use lace, your beard is always going to look the same. You

  • do take a chance when you're laying the beard. You have to make sure you have a good reference

  • material because you want to make the beard look the same each time, and that could be

  • something that could interfere with continuity. You're always concerned about continuity when

  • you're working on a film. I've got the first layer of human hair across

  • there and it's starting to see that there is a transition you can still make out the

  • darker hair underneath, but you're starting to see some variation now. It's not just one

  • color. A mustache is a good place to put a lace piece because they're easy to take off.

  • The person goes to lunch or something, you can whip it off and they can eat their lunch

  • without having the hair hanging down over it. When you lay a mustache, you have to get

  • in there with a curling iron like a small one I said and you have to curl and style it.

  • That thing is hot and you got that right next to the--they would feel the heat they

  • might move or something like that. It's a good place to use a lace piece if you're going

  • to use one. If you put a lace beard on, you almost inevitably

  • have to do this on the edges. Hand lay these edges like this because you want to disguise

  • that lace that's laying out there in the open. That's why you want to learn this technique

  • because putting the lace beard down isn't difficult.

  • It's making it believable and that edge is probably the most important part.

  • Go ahead and yawn.

  • Okay, now smile, big smile.

>> Lance Anderson: Get the hair, spread it out, and I'll use my thumb and just fan it in.


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顔の毛の応用編~偽物のヒゲの作り方~PREVIEW (Facial Hair Application - How to Make a Fake Beard - PREVIEW)

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