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  • - When I was first thinking about transitioning,

  • I was concerned that I wasn't going to be able to compete.

  • What will fans and spectators say?

  • What will it be like in the locker room?

  • Trans athletes have to think about all of that

  • as well as will I even be able

  • to play the sports that I love

  • because of the policies that are in place?

  • My name is Chris Mosier, and I am the first transgender man

  • to make a men's U.S. National team.

  • My sport is sprint duathlon.

  • Duathlon is run, bike, run.

  • When I first started competing after transition,

  • no one really thought that I would do well.

  • Everyone pretty much just wrote me off

  • because they looked at me and thought,

  • "Oh, he's a trans guy.

  • "There's no way that he can compete against men."

  • Hearing people say that really motivated me

  • to work harder, to learn more,

  • to be more dedicated to my training

  • and try to be the strongest competitor that I can be.

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  • Competing on Team USA is a dream come true for me.

  • Although I'm on Team USA, I will not be able

  • to compete in the World Championships in June

  • with the policies that are in place right now.

  • At the world level, they follow

  • the international Olympic Committee policies,

  • and those policies say, "Trans athlete needs

  • "to go through a full medical transition."

  • And they define that as full lower surgery,

  • so including internal and external genital reassignment.

  • Adding an extra body part is not going

  • to make me a faster runner or a stronger cyclist.

  • Every single day, I'm thinking about being

  • on the starting line, and I really think

  • that it's going to happen.

  • I really believe that we can get policy changed

  • and that I will line up with my teammates

  • in the red, white and blue uniform

  • and represent my country.

  • (upbeat instrumental music)

  • Every day I read a quote that says

  • "Be who you needed when you were younger."

  • That puts me in the mindset of sharing my story

  • and making sure that people see me

  • as a visibly out trans athlete competing

  • at a high level so that they know

  • that they can do that too.

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スタートラインでの戦い。クリス・モシエの競技への挑戦 (Fighting For the Starting Line: Chris Mosier's Quest to Compete)

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