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  • (slow, tender music)

  • (rhythmic beeping)

  • - The surgeon is real.

  • The tools are real.

  • The surgery is real.

  • The patient is artificial.

  • (playful music)

  • I took what I learned from special effects,

  • and now I apply it to helping kids here at the hospital.

  • (playful xylophone music)

  • My name is Gregory Loan, and I'm a senior simulation

  • engineer at Boston Children's Hospital.

  • I make artificial patients to allow real doctors

  • to practice procedures to improve health outcomes for kids.

  • I do not think that I could do this work

  • without having had the experiences

  • that I had in special effects.

  • While I was working in special effects,

  • I got the opportunity to build dinosaurs

  • for the Jurassic Park theme parks

  • and magical creatures for Harry Potter

  • and all kinds of wonderful things

  • to bring that experience to life for people.

  • I ultimately left special effects

  • to go focus in on robotics,

  • which is my other passion in life.

  • The best part is now I combine special effects,

  • robotics, and engineering, and medicine

  • into a package that helps people.

  • I make simulation models.

  • Some of them are really low tech,

  • like an arm that you can inject or practice line placement,

  • all the way up to and including

  • gunshot wound patients and advanced surgical techniques,

  • like cleft lip repair.

  • At the end of the day, I know that

  • my contribution helps kids

  • because the creations that we make here

  • go towards saving children's lives.

  • - [Surgeon] And it looks like we're about done.

  • (uplifting music)

  • (electronic pinging)

(slow, tender music)


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ハリウッドの特撮を使って命を救う (Using Hollywood Special Effects to Save Lives)

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