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  • yeah I'm going on a date with your

  • brother tonight and get banks sure you

  • can keep me company while I don't mind

  • my days been fine thanks

  • no not really had a day off work today

  • so just kind of been a taking easy

  • what about you okay you've had a long

  • day have you ready to put your feet up

  • and relax fairness really nice weather

  • today has met

  • yeah i thought i had celebrate by

  • putting my little dress on so you like

  • the rag think I hate your brother's to

  • the Chinaman question

  • yeah it's not how they are going to be

  • out tonight and have to wait and see I

  • guess

  • I think you should be too much longer

  • now I was a little bit early i was

  • looking forward to our date so I

  • couldn't help that was eager wanted to

  • get her nice and early

  • and sorry but I come a I'm gonna have to

  • say this I notice that you're kind of

  • looking down my drafts you looking at my

  • cleavage I have to say something

  • you're making it pretty obvious but it's

  • not about how could you not i'm going to

  • baby brother you think you'll be

  • impressed

  • t if I mean over the table to attend

  • like this and this okay

  • very naughty

yeah I'm going on a date with your


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A2 初級

ブラレスレッドドレスダウンブラウスの谷間 (Braless red dress downblouse cleavage)

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