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  • - It's not that difficult to be a young CEO.

  • Some people mistake me as an adult.

  • People are generally supportive about what I'm doing,

  • and I get a lot of pretty interesting advice from people.

  • - [Narrator] This Great Big Story was made possible by LEGO.

  • Play her way.

  • - I'm Hillary Yip, I'm 14 and I live in Hong Kong.

  • I'm the founder and CEO of MinorMynas.

  • Minor Mynas started as a foreign language learning app,

  • where we connect kids from all over the world.

  • First to learn in a peer-to-peer environment

  • and to make friends from across boarders.

  • Right now we've got users from

  • 150 countries and counting.

  • I think we kids are neglected on the market

  • before other video games or educational products.

  • MinorMynas wants to be the middle ground,

  • where we're able to have fun by getting to connect

  • with new friends, while being able to learn something new.

  • When I was 10 years old my Chinese was appalling,

  • and my mom finally had it and sent my brother and I to

  • a Chinese summer camp.

  • It went very well because we had no choice

  • but to speak in Mandarin.

  • And a couple months later when I saw

  • entrepreneurship competition for kids,

  • I wondered if I could bring the experience online,

  • so that all us kids can learn languages

  • in a more effective manner.

  • After the competition, someone approached me

  • and said that he'd love to be my mentor

  • if I wanted to continue my idea.

  • So I jumped at the chance.

  • What is MinorMynas able to do?

  • First of all, we are able to provide

  • a safe environment for kids.

  • The best thing about being a CEO is the freedom

  • and the flexibility.

  • What I do on a day-to-day basis

  • is generally pitching, developing investor decks,

  • talking to investors, talking to customers,

  • writing up our vision for the future

  • and executing upon marketing grounds.

  • Outside of school hours, I tend to just

  • prioritize my tasks with MinorMynas.

  • So, after I get every thing done,

  • I get to read, I get to debate,

  • and when my friends are in town I get to hangout with them.

  • My family has been very very supportive.

  • (mumbles) my mom learning with me

  • throughout the whole journey of MinorMynas.

  • Because none of us have worked on a startup before.

  • There will always be people who tell you that you can't.

  • Whether it's because of your age, gender, where your from.

  • But what we can do is to continue working on

  • what we're doing.

  • That's the only way we can prove them wrong.

- It's not that difficult to be a young CEO.


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