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  • - So, before I'm tortured in the afterlife,

  • I get to spend the rest of this life

  • in a Hungarian prison for destruction of art.

  • That's fun.

  • - Destruction of extremely derivative art.

  • Kamilah's work has been mediocre for years.

  • Mother and Father are probably rolling over

  • in their cryogenic chambers.

  • - Really? You don't think they would be proud of her

  • for having a whole museum wing dedicated to her work?

  • - My parents' standards were incredibly high,

  • and they were impossible to please.

  • Plus, they always pitted

  • my sister and me against each other.

  • The two of them were a unit,

  • and Kamilah and I...

  • [epiphanic music]

  • - Girls, we have a new challenge for you.

  • - Each of you has four hours to complete a rendering

  • of your favorite moment in French military history.

  • - The winning painting shall be hung in our foyer

  • during our party honoring Francois Mitterrand.

  • - The losing paining shall provide the kindling

  • for the fire that rages in our hearth

  • during that party.

  • [laughs] Doesn't that sound wonderful?

  • - Yes, Mother, it does.

  • - Thank you for this opportunity.

  • - Who will be the winning artist,

  • and who will fail?

  • Let's find out.

  • [serious music]

  • - These paintings...

  • they're us.

  • - You're the boobs?

  • Sorry. Once Jason said it, that's all I can see.

  • - Here we go.

  • What?

  • Tahani, what are you doing? Stop it.

  • - No. I'm going to hug you because I love you

  • and because you feel just as alone as I do.

  • I'm sorry our parents were such wankers.

  • And I understand that you can't accept my apology

  • because that would quench your creative thirst.

  • They forced us to compete,

  • and that competition has fueled your art for decades.

  • It's so awful, and I'm so sorry.

  • [sighs]

  • - [sighs] They were wankers, weren't they?

  • - Ah! The absolute biggest wankers on Earth.

  • - Let them go, please.

- So, before I'm tortured in the afterlife,


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タハニとカミラがついに仲直り~ザ・グッド・プレイス(エピソードハイライト (Tahani and Kamilah Finally Make Up - The Good Place (Episode Highlight))

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