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  • You've probably all heard of a get rich quick scheme, and you've probably also heard the adage that there's no such thing as easy money.


  • But what if you were one of the luckiest people alive?


  • Maybe a gambler that started with little but made the bet of a lifetime?


  • Or a savvy investor that somehow managed to start with a buck and make it a million?

    もしくはヤリ手の投資家として 1 ドルを 100 万ドルに成長させたり?

  • Or perhaps you have an eye for expensive antiques and bought something for barely anything and sold it for a fortune?


  • Do these things even exist, have people really started with a dollar and then got rich off of it?

    そんな話は実際に存在するのでしょうか、本当に 1 ドルから始めて大金持ちになれるなんてことがあるのでしょうか?

  • That's what we'll find out today, in this episode of the Infographics Show, fastest way people turned one dollar into a million?

    今日の Infographics Show では、まさにそのような話を「簡単に 1 ドルを 100 万ドルする方法とは?」と題して見ていきたいと思います。

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  • As you know, one way to turn a small amount of money into a fortune is to win the lottery.


  • Where should you play to get the best odds and the biggest prizes?


  • According to most media, that is the USA; Spain actually also has huge prizes.


  • The biggest ever single win in the U.S. was when a Massachusetts woman won $758.7 million in 2017.

    アメリカでの当選金で最も大きかった額は、マサチューセッツの女性が 2017 年に当選した 7 億 5870 万ドルです。

  • But because she decided to take the lump sum in one gonot over 29 paymentsand because the win is taxed, she came out with a measly $336 million.

    でも、29 回分割払いではなく、一気に全額受け取るのを選んだため、税金がかかってしまってたった 3 億 3600 万ドルしか手元に入ってきませんでした。

  • The nursing clerk obviously decided to retire soon after.


  • Winning the lottery, however, isn't that easy.


  • You are actually, statistically, more likely to die in a car crash or get struck by lighting than win the lottery.


  • The odds of winning the Mega Millions lottery is one in 259 million, and one in 292 million for Powerball.

    Mega Millions の宝くじが当たる確率は、2 億 5900 万人に 1 人で、Powerball は 2 億 9200 万人に 1 人です。

  • Nonetheless, this is likely the best get-super-rich gambling bet out there.


  • Sticking with gambling, in 2017 a woman in the UK walked into a betting shop with one buck (or in this case pound) and walked out with $800,000.

    ギャンブルの話をすれば、2017 年に UK に住む女性が賭け屋に行って 1 ドル(この場合は 1 ポンドですけど)を賭けて、80 万ドル勝ちました。

  • She bet on what's called an accumulator, meaning she chose twelve English football matches and bet which side would win in each game, stating home win or away win.

    彼女はアキュムレーターと呼ばれる賭けをしたのですが、これはイギリスのサッカー 12 試合に対して、どのチームがホーム・アウェイどちらで勝つかを賭けるものです。

  • She didn't like football, she told the press, and just chose the names she liked.


  • She got them all correct, and William Hill betting company said it was their biggest football payout ever.

    そして全結果が正解し、賭けを取り仕切る会社 William Hill 曰く、その額はサッカーの賭けでは過去最高額だったということです。

  • The funny thing is, the woman's husband, apparently a football expert, had been betting on teams every week all his adult life.


  • So, there you go, you might try using the force when you bet.


  • We now turn to probably the luckiest ever slot machine winner, who won big in Las Vegas not just once, but twice.

    次はラッキーなスロットマシーンプレーヤーの話に移りますが、この人はラスベガスで 1 度きりならず 2 度も大勝ちしたんです。

  • The man, called Elmer Sherwin was 76 when he won $4.6 million on the slot machine MegaBucks.

    エルマー・シャーウィンという男性は、76 歳の時に MegaBucks というスロットマシーンで 460 万ドル勝ちました。

  • According to one betting site we found, you can play each spin with one, two or three dollars, but to get the Jackpot you must play with three dollars.

    我々が見つけたギャンブルサイトによると、各スピンごとに 1、2、もしくは 3 ドル賭けることができるのですが、ジャックポットを獲得するには 3 ドルで賭ける必要があります。

  • What's amazing, this old guy took a trip around the world after his win, then went back to Vegas 14 years later at the ripe old age of 90.

    信じられないのは、このお年寄り男性は大金を勝った後に世界一周旅行に出かけ、90 歳の時 14 年ぶりにラスベガスに戻ってきました。

  • He then won $21 million playing the same game.

    そして、その際に同じゲームで 2100 万ドル勝ってしまったのです。

  • Probably too old to spend the cash, he donated it to charity.


  • Odds experts seem to disagree over what the odds are of winning the MegaBucks Jackpot.

    確立統計のプロの間では、MegaBucks ジャックポット当選の確立について意見が分かれるようです。

  • Some say as low as one in 17 million, while another odds expert put it closer to 1 in 49 million.

    中には 1700 万人に 1 人だという人もいれば、4900 万人に 1 人という意見の人もいます。

  • You might also start with one cent, go to the casino, play roulette, and bet on black.

    また、1 セントだけ持ってカジノに行って、ルーレットをプレイして黒に賭けるとします。

  • If you win, return the next day and bet on black or red.


  • Keep doing that.


  • If you win every day for 27 days you'll have $671,088.

    もし毎日 27 日間に渡って勝ち続けると、671,088 ドル手に入る計算になります。

  • The next day is the deal breaker.


  • Win that and you will get $1.3 million.

    その日に勝つと 130 万ドルになります。

  • You could just stay there and bet on one color each time.


  • According to casino records, in 1943 red came up 32 times in a row.

    カジノの記録では、1943 年には赤が 32 回連続で出ました。

  • That is still a record now.


  • The chances of that happening are over 10 billion to 1.

    これが起きる確率は 100 億分の 1 ですから。

  • On second thoughts, let's wait a day and come back.

    ちょっと落ち着いて、1 日待ってまた戻ってきましょう。

  • You have a 47.4 percent chance of getting the color right each time.


  • Let's move away from these insane odds and towards the Bitcoin phenomenon.


  • Now you likely have heard of the person that bought two pizzas with 10,000 units of Bitcoin.

    恐らくピザ 2 枚をビットコイン 1 万枚で買った人の話を聞いたことがあるかとも思いますけど、

  • This story was all over the media when Bitcoin was on the ascent, and it was reported that the Bitcoin that person paid for those pizzas with would then be worth about $100 million.


  • Fortune also wrote in 2017 that if you would have bought just $5 of Bitcoin in 2010 – which would have given you 2000 Bitcoinswhen the article was written you could have sold your coins for $4.4 million.

    また 2017 年には、2010 年に 5 ドルで購入したビットコイン( 2000 枚相当)がこの記事を書いている時点で 440 万ドル相当にまで高騰しています。

  • So, if you had bought a dollars' worth, that would have been around one million.

    ということは、1 ドル分購入していたら、およそ 100 万ドルの価値になったということになります。

  • Bet you wish you would have done that, eh.


  • Well, if you want to get rich quick, perhaps you should be on the lookout for the next big thing in digital or alternative currencies.


  • You could of course just ask for one dollar from one million people, and that won't cost you anything except maybe a little bit of your time.

    もちろん、100 万人に 1 人 1 ドルくれるように頼んでいってもいいです。時間がかかる以外は何も必要になりません。

  • Would people seriously do that?


  • Well, one young English man called Alex Tew did that in 2005 to generate income for his university education.

    実は、アレックス・テューというイギリス人は 2005 年にこれを実践して大学に行く学費を捻出しました。

  • He created the "The Million Dollar Homepage" which had one million pixels on it.

    彼は「The Million Dollar Homepage」を作成して、そこに 100 万個のピクセルを用意しました。

  • You could buy the pixel for one buck and display an image on it.

    各ピクセルを 1 ドルで購入して、そこに画像を載せることができるわけです。

  • He ended up making a little over 1 million in gross income.

    その結果、100 万ドルを少し超えるだけの額の収入を得ることができました。

  • You might also just get lucky buying some old junk at a yard sale and selling it.


  • CNN reported in 2013 that someone did just that at a yard sale in New York State.

    CNN は 2013 年に New York State のガレージセールでこれを実践した人がいると取り上げています。

  • The person bought a Chinese bowl for 3 dollars and it sold later at auction in London for $2,225,000.

    この人は中国製のお椀を 3 ドルで購入して、後にロンドンのオークションで 225 万ドルで売却しました。

  • And if you want to hear a literal rags-to-riches story we have one.


  • In 2017, a man called Loren Krytzer sold what he had once thought was a worthless rag for $1.5 million.

    2017 年、ローレン・クライツァーという男性が、それまで価値なんてないと思っていた絨毯を 150 万ドルで売却しました。

  • The man had been surviving on disability checks up until then after losing a leg in a car accident.


  • One day he was watching "the Antiques Roadshow" and realized that the dusty blanket he'd never bothered to use in the closet looked like the one on the TV; a Navajo blanket from around the 1800s.

    ある日、テレビの「the Antiques Roadshow」を観ていて、クローゼットにしまったままになっているホコリまみれの絨毯が、番組で取り上げられている 1800 年代もののナバホ絨毯に似ていると気付きました。

  • He told the press what he thought while watching that show, "I paused it and I went and got the blanket and I'm sitting there holding it.


  • … I'm lining up the lines on the TV with the blanket, seeing if they match."


  • Indeed, they did, and he became a millionaire.


  • So, a word to the wise, why not check out what old junk you have stored somewhere in the house.


  • You might just have a million bucks lying around.

    もしかしたら 100 万ドルの価値があるものが出てくるかもしれません。

  • Odds are someone does.


  • But even the toys you bought one day could be worth a small fortune if you kept them in perfect condition.


  • It's reported that the mother of a boy who once asked her for one of the Transformer figures while in Toys R Us in the U.S. ended up having the entire collection at one point.


  • Sadly, the boy died of AIDS later in life but in 2007 the mother sold the Original Boxed Collection for $1,000,000.

    悲しいことに、その男の子はエイズでその後亡くなってしまったのですが、2007 年にお母さんはオリジナルの箱入りコレクションを 100 万ドルで売ることができたのです。

  • You could make thousands upon thousands if you have some of the old Star Wars figures still boxed, so next time you go to the toy store why not buy two of the toy you are buying.

    スターウォーズのフィギュアなどは箱に入ったまま持っていればかなりの価値になりますから、今度オモチャ屋さんにいって何か買うときは 2 個買ってみると良いと思います。

  • Who knows what it'll be worth in 30, 40, 50 years' time.

    30、40、50 年後にはかなりの価値になる可能性もあります。

  • This might not be the fastest way to make a million, but it will be for your kids.

    100 万ドル稼ぐのには最速の方法ではないですけど、子どもたちのためにはなりますよね。

  • So, can you think of any legal get rich quick schemes?


  • Let us know in the comments!


  • Also, be sure to check out our other video called How is Life Different for Billionaires!


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You've probably all heard of a get rich quick scheme, and you've probably also heard the adage that there's no such thing as easy money.


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