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  • You know what sucks?

  • Realizing that everything you believe in is complete and utter bullshit

  • sucks.

  • What do you mean?

  • Uh, you know, destiny and soulmates,

  • true love,

  • and all that childhood fairytale,

  • non senses.

  • You were right. I should've listened to you.

  • No.

  • Yeah, what?

  • Why are you smiling?!

  • Tom.

  • What?

  • Why are you looking at me, like that?

  • Well, you know,

  • I guess it's 'cause...

  • I was sitting in a deli and reading Dorian Gray, and...

  • a guy comes up to me and...

  • asked me about it, and...

  • now he's my husband.

  • Yeah. And... so?

  • So, what if I'd gone to the movies?

  • What if I had gone somewhere else for lunch?

  • What if I'd gotten there 10 minutes later?

  • It was...

  • It was meant to be.

  • And I just kept thinking,

  • - Tom was right. - No!

  • Yeah, I did.

  • I did.

  • It just wasn't me that you were right about.

  • I should go.

  • But I'm really happy to see that you're doing well.

You know what sucks?


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(500) 夏の日々 (5/5) Movie CLIP - All That True Love Nonsense (2009) HD ((500) Days of Summer (5/5) Movie CLIP - All That True Love Nonsense (2009) HD)

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