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  • It is Friday, in case you weren't aware.

  • Which means it's time for Thank GIF it's Friday.


  • It's far out, man, far out.

  • Here's the first one.

  • "Me when I heard Ellen was renewed for three more years."


  • Thank you.

  • Thanks.


  • Here's the next one, "Ellen when she

  • heard she was renewed for three more years."


  • [APPLAUSE] All right.

  • Here's another one.

  • "That moment you realize those weren't regular brownies."



  • Here's the next one, "when Postmates shows up

  • and you're not wearing pants."



  • Here is another one, "when you hear there's

  • cake in the break room."



  • Here's one more, "when you hope no one notices

  • it's laundry day."



  • You get it, Andy?

  • Yeah, I get it.

  • You're not--

  • Like that's all you had to wear.

  • And so--

  • We got it.

  • Yeah.


  • We can take--

  • Like there was nothing else.

  • And then you had to wear it.


  • What, you want me to take it down?

  • Yeah.

  • Oh, I just got to make sure people see it.

  • Did you enjoy wearing that outfit?

  • Oh, I loved it.

  • Really?

  • Oh, I loved it.

  • That's great.

  • How do your boys feel when they see you like that?

  • Are they proud of their daddy?


  • They're about to be humiliated for three more years.


  • Three more years of humiliation.


  • All right, if you see a GIF you think I should see,

  • please send it to me.

It is Friday, in case you weren't aware.


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エレン、「Thank GIF It's Friday」でさらに3年を祝う (Ellen Celebrates 3 More Years During 'Thank GIF It's Friday')

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