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  • (funky instrumental music)

  • - I just feel that I'm a person

  • that has something to say,

  • and instead of saying it and using words,

  • says it by just putting some paint on a surface.

  • My name is Halwani, and I'm a street artist from Beirut.

  • The reason I paint portraits

  • or figures that kind of show our country is very simple.

  • When I started painting all over the city,

  • I used to have to remove photos of politicians,

  • and political logos and election posters.

  • These politicians weren't necessarily good at their job,

  • occupy most of the urban landscape,

  • and this is where I actually wanted to replace them

  • with something more positive that the citizens of Beirut,

  • that the presence of these people is really optional.

  • There's a very complicated question of identity,

  • when it comes to: what does it mean to be Lebanese?

  • And this is another reason why I paint these faces.

  • They represent the stories of Lebanon, Beirut,

  • and the Arab world in general.

  • A mural can make a wall not only a wall,

  • but maybe something that creates

  • a relationship of people with an element in the street,

  • and I think it kind of spreads positivity

  • and changes the perspective of people

  • from their everyday life.

  • I really appreciate the people that compare me to Banksy.

  • I really appreciate Banksy's work,

  • and I think it's smart, it's, uh, witty,

  • and he has a lot of credit

  • when it comes to the global street art movement.

  • I don't paint just for the sake of painting,

  • or for the sake of capitalizing on a certain event.

  • I just paint when I feel

  • that I have something constructive to say.

(funky instrumental music)


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