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  • - They sound a lot like voices

  • or like an angry choir.

  • Somebody told me that they sound a lot like

  • sniffing a whole lot of magic markers all at once.

  • You can decide for yourself.

  • I'm Andy Cavatorta, and I'm a sculptor.

  • I work with robotics and with sound.

  • (soft music)

  • The work that I mostly do involves creating

  • new types of musical instruments

  • or new types of physical sounds.

  • A lot of times this has a lot to do

  • with motion and form.

  • What I'm sitting next to right here,

  • it's called the Dervishes.

  • It's got these 14 spinning arms.

  • It's similar to the toys that you played with

  • as a kid where you might spin a corrugated plastic tube

  • over your head.

  • There's a lot of circuit boards in here for motor control

  • and we measure the speeds very precisely.

  • And then there's a lot of software

  • that takes the specific pitches,

  • figures out exactly where they should be played

  • and at what speeds.

  • It's a lot of fine tuning all the way through

  • from the music that gets written for it

  • to the software that calibrates and adjusts

  • and controls it, all the way through to the fine tuning

  • and the motor controllers.

  • What I do is a bit on a parallel track

  • with a lot of what's happening in electronic music.

  • But I work specifically, almost exclusively,

  • with physical sound, almost never with synthesized sound

  • or samples or stuff like that.

  • Just because those are the ones that actually have

  • the most meaning to me.

  • All my life I've been interested in sound.

  • I think it's how I figure things out.

  • I always love when these instruments create

  • the possibility to make music that didn't exist before.

- They sound a lot like voices


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ワイングラスとホイールでエイリアンの交響曲を彫刻する (Sculpting Alien Symphonies with Wine Glasses and Wheels)

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