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  • The gaokao is an extremely difficult bridge to cross.

  • A difference of one point can determine your child's fate.

  • Retest.

  • You must get into a prestigious university.

  • That's the only way you'll have a good future.

  • The only thing you want is for me to get in a good college.

  • That's just how it is in China.

  • Officials and rich people run everything.

  • She only wants what's best for you.

  • If you want to be respected,

  • you have to test into a good college!

  • It's the only way to change your future!

  • I'm not just a puppet you can play with!

  • What's wrong with wanting you in a good college?

  • You want Jiarui to become a successful woman,

  • and I understand that.

  • But we have to remember that our fates aren't in our own hands.

  • I was afraid I wouldn't get in the gifted class, so

  • Now you aren't qualified to enter the gifted class.

  • How will you get into a good school?

  • Do you care about anything other than my grades and my college test?

  • I don't even know my own daughter.

  • How could I have done something so stupid?

  • I never thought something like this would happen!

  • We don't realize that our fates are commanded by God,

  • instead we wrongly believe "We can create our own happiness,"

  • and "Knowledge can change your fate."

  • We pay such a high price for this belief, and suffer so much.

  • But are they able to change their own fate?

  • When we read God's word and understand the truth,

  • we understand God's omnipotence and sovereignty,

  • we turn to God and walk the right path,

  • after which we no longer struggle to change our fates.

  • Without the truth, we are deeply ignorant.

  • Only by pursuing the truth and being able to obey and worship God

  • can we live in the light and have a good future.

  • Right. Yes.

The gaokao is an extremely difficult bridge to cross.


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