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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Idioms 246. The idiom today is pass muster.

  • Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. If something passes muster it is good

  • enough or acceptable. Yeah. But it's a very formal way of saying it. Let's continue.

  • The origin of this idiom to pass muster derives from so derives from, comes from

  • originally Latin. Meaning a showing or display. So somebody gave a showing or

  • display. In English you know, especially in former times. In English,

  • muster meant a military assembly. The you know, military gathered together that

  • was an assembly. Including an inspection. So that maybe a lot of the soldiers were

  • given an inspection. Therefore to pass muster meant to pass

  • an inspection. All right. So now this is one of these phrases to pass muster ...

  • it's one that I probably hear more often in the negative.

  • I probably hear it more often where somebody says something didn't pass

  • muster. So it didn't pass the inspection. So it wasn't acceptable. It wasn't good

  • enough. So yeah, we hear it , it's not like it can't be used in the positive, it can.

  • I give one example with it and positive. Two in the negative because I think I

  • hear it more in the negative. than in the positive. Well let's look at the

  • three examples here. Example number one. The amount of evidence to indict him

  • doesn't pass muster. Yes. Indict him and you know, officially

  • charge him, like with a crime. So if the evidence wasn't good enough , they can't

  • do it. It won't work. It's not worth their time. So it doesn't pass muster. It's not

  • acceptable. It's not good enough. Well let's look at number two. They didn't

  • hire him because his fluency in that language didn't pass muster. Yeah. Maybe

  • they tested him out. They probably told them to come in. Maybe they had somebody

  • else that was fluent in the language talking to him that language and maybe

  • he couldn't understand it all or handle it enough. So his ability .. the test when they

  • were testing and checking his fluency in the language they wanted , it wasn't good

  • enough. It didn't pass muster. Okay. Let's continue.

  • The third one. Now this one is you know, is a positive one. His , his finances

  • passed muster. So they're, they're good enough. They're acceptable. His finances

  • passed muster they will probably grant him the loan. So maybe this is at a bank,

  • he applied for a loan and his finances and you know, all his financial records

  • they passed muster. They're good enough. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it's

  • clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Idioms 246. The idiom today is pass muster.


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