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  • I'm Rashida Jones, and today I'm going to read Please Please the Bees,

    私はラシダ・ジョーンズ 今日は私が 蜂をおねがいしますを読んでください。

  • written and illustrated by Gerald Kelly.


  • Benedict was a creature of habit. He liked to do the same thing every day.


  • Every morning he woke up at the same time. Every morning he stretched.


  • He scratched. He yawned a great yawn.

    彼は引っ掻いた彼はあくびをした 大あくび

  • Every morning the bees delivered three jars full of honey.

    毎朝、ミツバチは3つを届けた 蜂蜜の入った瓶

  • Benedict ate the same breakfast he'd eaten since he was just a fuzzy cub: toast with honey and tea with extra honey.

    ベネディクトは同じ朝食を食べた モコモコしていた頃から食べていた 蜂蜜入りのトーストと 紅茶のおまけ付き 蜂蜜だ

  • Next came his daily routine: practicing, perfecting his honey cake recipe, knitting, and running errands.

    次に彼の日課である練習をして、蜂蜜ケーキのレシピを完成させました。 編み物をしたり、お使いをしたり。

  • At night he'd read then have one last cup of honey tea before bed. Life was sweet.

    夜になると彼は本を読んで最後の一枚を持っていた 寝る前に蜂蜜茶を一杯。人生は甘かった。

  • Until one morning... one morning things weren't the same.

    ある朝まで...ある朝まで 違っていたんだ

  • In fact, something terribly un-same had happened.


  • There was no more honey. The bees had gone on strike!

    蜂蜜はもうありませんでした。ミツバチは ストライキ

  • Benedict's breakfast wasn't the same without honey. Without his honey tea, he couldn't knit.

    ベネディクトの朝食は同じではなかった 蜂蜜なしでは はちみつ茶がないと、編み物ができなかった。

  • Practice was dreadful. He didn't even bother with the errands.


  • Benedict became deeply discouraged. Just then he heard someone say, "Hey, you! In the fur coat!"


  • It was a very small bee with a remarkably loud voice. "We need to talk!" said the bee.

    それは非常に小さな蜂で 驚くほど大きな声を出していました"話があるんだ!"と蜂は言いました。

  • "Talk? Hmmph!" grumbled Benedict. "I let you all live in my yard. All I ask is for a few jars of honey."


  • "You should be grateful. Not go on strike!"


  • "A few jars?" said the bee. "Buddy, we deliver three jars of honey to you every day."


  • "Every month! Every year! Do the math, Einstein!”

    "毎月!毎年!計算してみろ アインシュタイン!"

  • The hive is a wreck!” the bee continued. “It's all we can do to keep the walls from falling in!"

    "巣箱はボロボロ!"とミツバチは続けた。 "それは私たちがすることができるすべてのことです。"

  • "The roof leaks. Wind blows through the cracks."


  • "The last three queens up and quit on us because of the lousy work conditions."


  • The bee showed Benedict the garden. "Look!" the bee said. "Weeds everywhere."


  • "We have to fly miles away just to find enough flowers to make our honey. So we voted to strike.”


  • "You're taking us for granted,” the bee declared. “You want honey? Things need to change. It's up to you, bear.”

    "あなたは私たちを当たり前のように受け止めている "と、蜂は宣言した。"あなたは蜂蜜が欲しいですか?物事を変える必要がある"あなた次第よ クマさん"

  • And with that, the very small bee flew off.


  • The thought of losing his honey sent a chill down Benedict's spine. He had a lot to think about.

    蜂蜜を失うという考えは ベネディクトの背筋を寒気が襲いました彼には考えることがたくさんあった

  • Maybe I've been too selfish,” Benedict said to himself. “I never thought about what the bees need. But how am I going to make this right?"

    "私はあまりにも自分勝手だったかもしれない "とベネディクトは自分自身に言いました。"ミツバチが何を必要としているか 考えたことがなかった "でも、どうやってこれを正せばいいのか?"

  • So he did some research. He did a little shopping. And he did a lot of work.

    それで彼は調べ物をしたちょっとした買い物をして そしてたくさんの仕事をした

  • Benedict even learned how to harvest honey.


  • “I suppose it's a bit rude to expect them to do it all themselves,” he thought.

    "自分たちで全部やってくれることを期待するのは少し失礼だと思うが "と彼は思った。

  • Finally, he was ready to show the bees all the work he'd done. What would they think?


  • He held his breath as he waited. Then he heard the remarkably loud voice of the very small bee




  • These days, Benedict is still a creature of habit. He still has his daily routine,

    最近では、ベネディクトはまだ習慣の生き物です。 彼はまだ日課を持っています

  • but he doesn't take the honey for granted anymore. He knows his life is sweet...

    しかし、彼はもう蜂蜜を当然のこととは思わない 彼は自分の人生が甘いことを知っている...

  • but now it's even sweeter...


  • for everyone.


  • The end.


  • I really enjoyed this book because it's all about being able to live with each other, and respect each other,


  • and give and take. Because that's the best part about being in a community,


  • is being able to live together and have everybody's life be sweet at the same time.


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Welcome to Storyline Online, brought to you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

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